Accenture Graduate Programme 2019



Hi ya! I applied for the consulting grad programme Jan-May 2019 intake

maybe best if you call them tomorrow and see what they have to say? or email them again? i had a technical glitch with PwC so i called and email them like 4/5 times before they reset my tests


I went to one of their careers fair at my university and they mentioned because they are travelling to different universities, they have had less time to look at applications. I asked them and they will get back to us but it will be a bit longer than normal


honestly i thought headstart used algorithms so i didnt even know they “looked” until later on in the process


yeah i haven’t heard back but my 10 working days ends today so if i dont hear back by the end of the day i will shoot them a message and see whats up


Hi there, is video interview not included in the immersive assessments? And would you mind sharing how is the assessment centre? Is there a group exercise of discussing a case?


Hey, is there any video recorded questions in the test?


there are no video interviews as part of the portal - the portal alone decides if you get an AC or not - didn’t make it through this year, sorry cant be of help!


Hi, no there are no recorded questions


How long did it take you to hear back? I’m still waiting to hear back. It feels like it has been ages


I emailed them after 10 working days - heard back wishing 48 hours of that email


Hi has anyone received Assessment centre invitation? Submitted my immersive assessments two weeks ago still waiting… Should i give them a call/ email?


hello, can you give an e-mail you used to contact them?


Hey ya!

this is the email i used to contact them:


Has anyone received an invitation for an AC?


I have been invited to the assessment centre.

They ask you to prepare for a 10 minute discussion on a current tech trend.

Other than prep for 1 to 1 interview, I’m not sure what to do.

Anyone practising any cases?



Congrats on getting to the AC!
how long ago did you do your online tests?


I’ve also received an AC invite :slight_smile: Did the online tests about a month ago! They took ages getting back to me.

@James_Gray1 I thought the 1:1 interview was the 10 minute discussion? Also, what do you mean by cases? There are a few examples of tech trends being used by companies in the Accenture report, if that’s what you mean


Hi congrats! Would like to ask did you email them before asking about the result or you wait till the AC invite? And might I know what programme you applied to? thanks x


Thank you. I emailed asking and they said there was a lot of delays. I waited ages for an invite. I applied to the Jan consulting grad scheme


Hey guys does anyone know how the accenture starting salary compares to big 4? I know you have a 10k sign on bonus with accenture but you only get that for the first year right?