Accenture Graduate Analyst Consulting Group



hi, so i’ve recently got an offer for Accenture Analyst Consulting Group starting in 2016. Would be happy to answer any questions related to the interview process as I would like to give back.


When was your assessment centre? Will you be starting in September?


Congrats for your offer :slight_smile:
I will have my AC next week. Can I ask what kind of group exercise did you have in your AC? And is the business case study relevant with group exercise? And did you take any practice case study before the interview? If yes, could you please recommend some as I totally don’t know where to look for similar case practice?
Thank you very much.



hi, mine was in the end of july. starting in April


Hi Ariel,
Thanks :slight_smile: My group exercise was about 2 merging banks (one traditional and another an online modern bank) The solutions are all given, your group will just have to choose the best ones and argue the relevance and reasoning for your choices. I would suggest, the 4 of you work on each solution together rather than work on it individually. There are 4 platforms (strategy, people, process, technology). Work on each together, try to be the time keeper and organise your team. Its always best to assume a leadership role eaely on but do not be too overwhelming. In short, be the one that brings the best out of the team and the people in it. I didnt have any practice and i dont think any would help. Just be yourself , keep calm and keep a clear mind. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hey congrats on the offer! How long did the whole process for you take?

I only submitted an application yesterday, but just wanted to know what the mini case study over the telephone was like and how long it took?

Also, from what I’ve seen about interview questions on here, I haven’t seen many that focus on competencies (e.g. tell me about a time you did x,y,z), but instead it was more about why accenture, why this role, what can you bring etc. Or do the competency based questions come from asking you about the things you’ve written down in your application/CV?

Appreciate the help!


Awesome, congratulations! I have mine coming up. Will you be taking the offer?


Thanks! And good luck for yours. I will be taking it


The whole process took about 6 weeks from online application till the offer.

As for the mini case interview. It was probably 10 minutes and is fairly simple. Just think logically and try to use accenture’s solutions( technology, digital, strategy). I would say listen intently and just reiterate the points.

They do focus on both aspects but I would say their main focus is on how well do you fit into the company’s culture and they look for a specific set of people. As for the part on Accenture, they want to employ people who are passionate and can relate to the company. However, do practice a lot on the competency questions . The process shouldn’t be too hard. Good luck!


I have a phone interview round coming up soon. It consists of competency Qs, case study and motivational Qs.
What kind of case study would it be? and what about competency Qs?


Hi. Congratulations on the offer. My questions are specifically related to the assessment center. About the group activities, could you perhaps tell me more regarding the structure, duration, etc. Also, during the group activities, what did you think you did well and what would you improve? Was the case study in the panel interview related to the group activities? And, in this panel interview, do they ask you competency based questions as well, or is the whole interview focused on the case study given.

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.

All the best.


I have my digital interview this week. Do you remember any specific questions that were asked on yours?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have my digital interview this week. Do you remember any specific questions that were asked on yours?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Since you are asking about the AC, I assume you have done the digital interview? Are you able to reply with specific questions you were asked, any help regarding the case study and any hints or tips?

Thank you.


Do you remember any specific questions they asked on your telephone interview?

Thank you



Congrats on your offer.

Can you provide me with a break down on what the day was like please? I have my assessment


Does anyone else have an assessment centre on the 3rd of November?


No. Did my digital interview on Friday 16th and still not heard back.


hi power,
apologies about the late reply, ive been away for some time. i hope im not too late. the day starts with an introduction and talk which is not assessed . Then we moved on to the analytical individual exercise which constitutes sieving through loads of data and coming up with suggestions and assimilating information. the best tip is to read through the questions and look for the relevant data and not panic and go through the booklet first like everyone else. Just stay calm and answer the 5 questions. dont commit too much time on the first as youll soon realise that you only have few mins for the rest.

moving on, there is a video presentation on the group exercise. try to take down notes as quick as u can. then youll be split into groups of 4 where your discussions will be observed. try to be proactive but dont dominate. and put in some constructive ideas.

then the final part is a one on one interview. first theyll satrt off by talking about the group discussion and how you felt youve done. the second part is about competency questions (similar to phone interview). All in all, they are just looking for people with the correct fit. you dont have to be a genius or a seasoned consultant. just be yourself and put your best foot forward.


Could you please share your experience about the Digital Interview as I have to give it this week.