Accenture Graduate Analyst Assessment Centre 22 Sept 2011


Hi all

I’m attending an AC (2nd round) for an Grad Analyst role at Accenture on the morning of 22 Sept. I was just wondering if there’s anyone else lurking around these forums who’s attending the same timeslot.

I think it would be great to get to know one another a little in advance, as a couple of other posters in this forum have pointed out the AC is not about competiting with each other for the job, if we are all good, we all get hired! The AC’s not a competition, so if we all kick ass we all get offers!

It would be great to know my teammates before the day so we can do our best on the day.


Hi ServiceDesk,

I have a telephone interview could you please offer me some advice as to what to prepare for. Also, how was the telephone interview did it meet your expectation of was it really never racking ?

Any Advise would be greatly appreciated !



check this out alex:
What have you been doing ever since you finished university?,
How was the transition like to University?,
What were the challenges of commutting (or challenges of moving out to Uni)?,
What other roles are you considering?,
What is your understanding of Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS)?,
What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of being mobile in this role?,
What are the project life cycles?,
What is the most challenging decision you made?,
What is the biggest mistake you made?,
Why are you interested in IT?,
Why Software Engineering?,
What was the most challenging project you carried out (Pref. something Technical)?,
What are the areas you think you want to develop if offered the role?,
What are the languages you learned (e.g. C, C#, Java etc)?,
Which one is your favourite language (java or,
Which modules did you like in university and which ones did you not like?,
Who are Accenture’s competitors?,
What makes accenture different from other similar companies?,
What are the three different service areas in Accenture?
Why did you choose your university and why did you choose your course?,


Thanks Servicedesk !!!

were these the questions you were asked ?

it seems they asked many technical questions, I hope I could handle them as I am a Business Administration’s student :expressionless:

Hey any hints on as to what does an Analyst do at Accenture ?

and Best of Luck tomorrow !