Accenture - Get Referred vs Apply Online



I am about to apply to Accenture’s Analyst Consulting Group graduate scheme. They provide two options, “Get Referred” and “Apply Online”:

  1. Get Referred uses facebook/linkedin to find friends who currently work for Accenture that would be happy to vouch for you. Only CV and Cover Letter are provided.

  2. Apply Online is a usual online application with many questions and also CV/Cover Letter upload.

I only have one friend, who is close, who works for Accenture as a first year analyst. Is it worth taking the “Get Referred” or “Apply Online” path. Thanks for any help or advice provided!


Anyone had any experience with this at all?


I’ve gotten referred and you still have to complete the same online application form with questions. I am not sure what the difference is in the actual application process as I am still trying to complete all the questions. The only heads up I would give is that after you register or get referred and receive the confirmation email with the login details, you only have 5 days to complete the application.