Accenture First Round Mini Case Study


I had a First Round Interview and i took the case study with me (by mistake). I cant remember the questions i was asked on it. I think they went along the lines of:

Explain 3 problems the company has.
Can you suggest 3 solutions?

The case study is as follows:

  1. A large Global Music Retailer requires assistance:
    “Their market share is decreasing due to the power consumers have gained in the market place since on-line music stores and illegal downloading has taken off. Stores are receiving fewer customers and experiencing dramatic reductions in music sales. Although they have a website, they cannot match competitors on lower prices of free downloads. They are having difficulties retaining their staff since their roles have become much more technical in the last 5 years.”

My advice on approaching case studies is to go through the examples on McKinsey’s and BCG’s websites. Their advice is strategy based but still very useful.


I’m guessing that since you can’t remember the questions you mean that you were given the case study in the interview & accidentally took the sheet of paper with you, so the bit that starts “1. A large Global Music Retailer…” is typed out word-for-word? Can you remember anything else about the 1st round interview process, what the format was, roughly what questions were asked?