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This is rafi could anyone please help me I completed the 1st round of interview which was telephonic round for the company accenture for SAP BO and a week after I received call for second round which is for Skype interview they ask me we can schedule ur interview on tomorrow but I ask them 20 mins of time to confirm but they don’t cal me.can anyone tel me how many days it will takes to call me for 2nd round r surely they will call me or not


Can you please share at what stag you had the HR interview?



I have Java Skill interview this week for senior programmer role in newcastle
Has any one attended java skill interview if you could share your exp.
It will be of great help.
I have done with the HR round n IKM test know this is the third n final round


Hi S4nj4y,
Can you please share more information about on line software quality assurance test.


hi rafi,
the same thing happened to me, will i get call from them or not and what about yours, did you got call?



Can you tell me about the java ikm. What kind of questions were asked.


This is so very helpful! Thank you so much and congratulations on your new role!


Hi Aswini.have you been selected in the Accenture?


Hi samy,

I am in interview process with Accenture. Can you please tell whether you are successful in your face to face?


I am in process of Accenture did your third round go?