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Hi h_121,

The interview with Sr. Exec will consist of a case study and thn competency based (behavioural) questions.

The case study itself will take around 30-45 minutes and it will be important to show your clarity of thoughts and overall thinking process. It helps if you use some business models /theores/matrices etc to support your analysis and recommendations.

I had a pretty simple case study so used most common SWOT analysis.
After the case study, it will be competency /behavioural based questions like ’ tell me about a situation when you had to resolve a conflict’ etc.

Although you might feel 1.5 hours is long, believe me with the case study and these following questions, you will not realise how the time passes. Also, Accenture makes sure you have a relaxed atmosphere and will ake your interviewing experience pretty nice.

The HR interview will be mostly for your fitment. Again in this interview you will be asked competency / behavioural questions and sometimes you might feel tired of answering the same/similar questions again and again and in the same day. But thats how it will be and its important that you keep your enthusiasm throughout. Hr will also ask you questions from the point of view of which level you will fit into the organisation, so my advice would be to make sure you tell about all your key skills. I made a mistake of underselling myself and hence got into atleast one level below of where I should have been.

Anyways, all the best for your interview.


Thanks Cloud for your input, I had my interview a few days ago and have been offered a job.

Like you said its very much what you described, I got around 20 mins to read through the case study and then discusses for around 20 mins,.
The exec then went through my CV in a fair amout if detail, asking probin questions which was fine as my CV was honest.

HR interview was just a few competency based questions,difficult situation above and beyond etc. Went through my CV and then there were a few admin based questions.

All in all it was pretty structured, I thought I had done okay but not brilliant but was proven wrong when I got the offer.


Hello h_121,

I am having my second round interview in a few days and was wondering whether you could give me some pointers on answering the case study…

thank you.


@ KK_2006 - you mentioned you were having your 2nd round in a few days - what date is it? Mine’s on the Wed 20th April you see so if yours is the same date we could start networking! :slight_smile:


Hi All

New to the forum! had been reading up cause I got a first round interview call from >. Was supposed to be a telephonic interview with the recruitment team but I got a call a day before to say the position had been filled. Just checking to see if others out there have experienced the same.

Could someone please advise whether there is a cool-off period before you can apply again.

All the best…to those who in the middle of recruitment…hope it turns out well.


Hi all

I have a second round skills interview with ATS for IT business analyst position. I have been told that it will consist of a 30 min written assessment and and an 1hr interview. Does anyone have any idea of what sort of technical questions may be asked.



Hey guys… How long did it take to get a reply after second round skills based interview… with the senior manager…



I have been interviewed for Exp hire as well. Wondering how long did it take for Accenture to get back to you?



It generally takes 10 days for you to get your feedback…


Usually its 2-3 days after interview… if you haven’t heard from them till then its more likely a rejection… So stick back and be prepared to get rejected!!!

Cloud… didn’t u hear back within 2 -3 days as well…!!! Others who have posted here. what’s your experience been?


Hi Everyone,

I have applied for a software Tester role in Accenture. The interview has 3 stages

the first one was a phone interview which lasted for 30 mins, in that they went through my CV briefly then asked some competence based and behavioural questions I passed it and got the results next day via email to sit for an on-line Software Quality Assurance test. i have passed that too.

Now i have been invited for the 3rd round (final) interview it is 1.5 hours long and will include an hour face to face skills based interview and a 30 min written exam which will be scenario based.

can anyone help me with this please? i want to know what type of questions they ask and how will be the written exam be. anyone on software testing/engineering field?



Hi all…in next couple of days I am going to have my first round interview in Accenture for tester software engineer role.please help me .i want to know which types of question will be asked in first round interview and in next rounds.please help me.


Hi s4nj4y
just read ur comments.seems I m also applying for the same position which u applied in dec.can u share ur experience .i m just now going to give first round interview.can u share the type of questions they ask.i will be greatful to u.thanks …waiting for ur reply
U applied at which place?


Hi all,
I have applied for tester software engineer in accenture(U.K.)
I have passed till technical I am going to have my final face to face.can any one help me in telling what the question must be expected in final round .please help me.


Hi All

Appreciate if you can help me.

I’ve got my final interviews coming up, which is for testing software job.Please help me if anyone has experienced



HI Sary
I am going to take technical assessment round on 11th nov 2013 in Accenture .Could you please help me out what are questions do expect from them.Can you give me any idea.Is it technology related interview …

Please help me
Thanks in advance



Apologies for bothering you. Hope you are doing well.

Please can you guide me a bit about 2nd Stage interview I will be having at Accenture in a week time for Service Excellence Junior Consultant?

I have passed the 1st stage and was wondering what is the best way to prepare for the case study and HR interview? What is to expect in case study?

Your help will be much appreciated.



2nd stage would be manager round
They will be asking your project related questions
ma be some tools and bit technical also


Hi guys,

I’ve had the first stage telephone interview with Accenture for a Project Analyst role. It’s only been a day but I’m expecting to hear back in a few days.

I’m just curious to know what to expect in the second stage interview? Is it the same case study etc process?

Any help with this would be highly appreciated!


Hi Just thought I would share my experience with the Accenture Experienced Hire interview process.

First Round Interview

First round was a 40 min telephone interview. Very straightforward competency based questions. We covered 2 main questions:
• Tell me of a time where you had to motivate a team?
• Tell me of a time when you had to manage a number of problems within a project?

As always I used the STAR approach, going into detail about the situation (make it interesting to draw the person in at this stage). Really make it clear what the task/issue was, why was it an issue, how would it impact you etc. Be really detailed about the actions you took, what were your options, why you chose your course of action and how/if it impacted other. Lastly, the result, what was the outcome, how did it impact the project/task etc.

The interviewer dug deeper in each of the questions, asking probing questions; who was impacted, what would you have done differently so helps to use a recent and REAL example.

2nd round interview

Case study with Partner or Managing Director as they are called now.

First of all, the MD introduced himself, his experience etc and give a chance to introduce yourself. We went onto the case study next. Main points to consider:
• Understand the situation - read what the case study is asking for not what you hoped it would as for
• Outline the issues
• How you would asses them
• What you would advise
o This is important; outline 2 to 3 options for the company, the pros and cons of each and which you would go for.
o Be ready for challenge and don’t be afraid to disagree – as long as it makes sense.
• How you would implement them – this is what sets Accenture apart from other consulting firms – they implement as well as advise so the HOW is as important as the WHAT in the case study

15 mins to read the case study and gather my thought. This was followed by talking through the case study. The discussion lasted for about 15 mins.

After we finished the case study discussion, we had a general chat around my motivation to move, skills and career aspirations. The specific questions asked where:
• Why do you want to move from your existing role?
• What skills can you bring to the team?
• Why should I hire you?
• Where do you see your career going?
• How do you think you will fit into the team?

The interview then turned to more of a casual talk around the direction the firm was heading, project work, business development work and then questions that I had.

All in all, the MD interview felt more of a conversation rather than a interview. The MD I was with was really pleasant and we got on really well.

HR Interview

The HR interview stumbled me a little, I was expecting an hour of competency based questions where I would have to show my skills and experience, it was slightly different. I was told form the offset that it would last about 40 mins, start of with some motivational questions, followed by a couple of competency and then some ‘housekeeping’ questions.

Motivation questions where similar to the ones asked within the MD interview. These were;
• Why do you want to move?
• What do you know about Accenture?
• What will be your biggest challenge if you move?
• Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Competency questions included:
• Tell me of a time where you had to manage a conflict?
• Tell me of a time when you had to work with an underperforming team?

As with the telephone interview, really dig into detail here, use the STAR technique to answer the question.

Housekeeping question where really around understanding your position if you choose to accept an offer:
• Current salary
• Notice period
• Non-compete clauses

We then had an open discussion around Accenture and how they integrate new members into the team and any questions I had etc.

Overall, I was quite impressed with Accenture and the people I had met and walked away with a very positive impression.
I was happy with the way the interview went so whether I was offered the role or not, I knew I had done my best to show my skills. Luckily I got a call just under a week later with an offer! Happy days. Can’t wait to transition over to my new role.