Accenture Digital Interview (2016 Client Delivery Associate)



hi unknown111111,
have you heard any news from Accenture yet? thanks, a


hi unknown111111,
sorry don’t know if i’m sending the same message again. anyway, just wondering if you have heard any news from Accenture after your digital interview? Thanks! Alan


Hey A, no I still haven’t heard. I emailed them to ask and they said it takes up to 10 days. (until now, mine is 9 days).
How about you?


Hi i was just wondering did they reply to you? and how long did it take? I did mine on the 1st of July and i am still waiting for a response


Hi, I am currently waiting for a date for my assessment centre, is anyone else in the same boat? I have passed the digital interview but have been in limbo for around 10 days just waiting for them to give me a date. How long does it normally take before a date is scheduled?



Hi unknown111111. could i ask you about what kinds of questions you got from this VI and is the client delivery role you applied for? Thank you so much.


Hi Ared,
Did you got any email stating that you have passed your digital interview? I gave my digital interview last week


Hi Alan,
Did you got any email stating the result of your digital interview?
I gave my interview last week for Information Security Graduate Programme and I am still waiting .


I did my digital interview on Feb 11th. 10 working days already over. Could you please suggest me a way to contact the Accenture team to get the results. I had applied for a graduate consultant program in Manchester. If rejected, can I expect a mail.
Thanks in advance.