Accenture Digital Interview (2016 Client Delivery Associate)




Could anyone share the experience for the Digital Interview?

What specific questions did they ask and whether or not you could answer the questions as many times as you like ?



Hi there

I haven’t done a phone interview with Accenture myself, but I figured this article might be helpful for you:


Hi mate
Thank you for your reply;
There is a slight difference: it seems that the digital interview - preset Qs is implemented this year such that litter reference could be found on. Anyway, thanks. I’d prepare it based on that article.


Hi I’ve just received an email saying that I’ve been invited to do a digital interview for this position as well :slight_smile:

I hope yours went well! How did you find it?


Hi Flynn
I havn’t done it and asked for an since I am taking final exams.
Good luck to you.


Really? How long did you manage to get an extension for?

I’m currently doing final year exams too but won’t be finished until the beginning of June, not sure if that would be deemed too late to do it?..


Till June 10th…
but I’m worried that the vacancy could be filled up soon.


hi flynn…how was your digital interview…are there retries for each question? Could you please tell about the questions asked?


Hi anz, the interview was fine, really didn’t feel like there were 9 questions!

You get one retry for each question and the information from the email really is all you need to prepare!

The questions are straightforward and related to accenture and the role :slight_smile: I can’t actually remember exactly what each of the questions were but like I said, they were questions you’d expect to be asked given the information in the email

Good luck!


There are9 questions. Why Accenture? How you define the role? personal competency questions. very easy, don’t worry!
I have passed and was invited to assessment centre soon.
Anyone going to or have been to assessment centre?
Any idea about what is the “Aptitude Test” ? Verbal? Numerical? Situational Judgement Test?


Well done on passing your video interview!
How soon after completing it were you invited to an assessment centre? And are all the tests you mentioned at the assessment centre?


Hey there,about 1 week~


Hi, I did my digital interview two weeks ago. didnt hear anything back…i guess its not good news. will accenture send rejection emails to unsuccessful applications?


How long did it take you guys to hear back regarding your SHL test?


two or three working days for me


hey, I am going to AC at Jun 18. how about yours? weirdly mine didnt include the written test…


Hey, Have you heard back on the outcome of your digital interview? If yes, how long before they got back to you? Did mine over 12 working days ago and still haven’t heard back yet.


Hey, Have you heard anything back yet?


I got the assessment day invitation the About two weeks later, around 15 days


oh that’s encouraging. Thanks!