Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



I haven’t heard yet either, anyone any further forward ?


I haven’t heard anything either. I am so tempted to call them and ask but Im not sure that’s a good thing to do.
it’s been 10 working days since the evaluation… they should get back to us already


It looks like everyone is waiting, I’d wait till after tomorrow. I wouldn’t recommend ringing them before then. I would think tomorrow would be the 10th day if you attended on 15th jan


yeah, I think you are right.BTW, I would greatly appreciate it, if you guys let us know when you get the call. Also, Im very interested in the starting dates as I want to start in July or later…


Any news ? Still nothing for me


Nothing from my side.
I would appreciate if the other would at least let us know if they received an answer…


I haven’t heard anything either… I thought we received an email either way


I think I’ll ring today and ask for any details. If anyone finds out anything could you please post


Will do. If you do ring, will you let us know their response? Im considering ringing


I’m going to ring at lunch time, I’ll let you know


I couldn’t get through, I’ll try again later. Anyone else have any luck yet?


I will try to call too by the end of the day.


I had a call today, they are still deliberating and haven’t given feedback to anyone yet. They have said they are sorting start dates but couldn’t give much information whether negative or positive.
Anyone else had a call?


Yeah just had the a voice message telling me the same thing about the deliberation about start dates too. But no mention of when it will be decided


Thanks guys! Same here. Btw, what did they say about start dates? Do you think it will be possible to start in a 4-5 months?


Did you get the 2nd March starting date?


Still nothing, hopefully the next day or two . Did they say they would message everyone ?


Did anyone ring Accenture to get the call back ?


Guys I know it’s hard, but seriously relax. Have the patience and confidence that you’ve got this. Accenture will not forget you and leave you behind. They recruit so in advance of start dates that there, isn’t the sense of urgency that you would all like.


What is the starting salary for this role if successful?