Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



I attended an assessment centre on the 11th and was told that if successful we would likely find out on the 12th. I know one person from my group did receive a call yesterday.

Maybe they are ranking people and seeing who meets criteria more than others?

I assume the reason it takes longer to receive rejection/feedback is because it takes up more time than ringing someone up saying well done.


Aah so we were at the same one! I’m relieved that I’m not the only one that hasn’t found out, convinced myself it was just a rejection haha. Sadly I’m not v good at patient.


That’s very true, sort of why I’m not feeling overly hopeful…


Tbh neither am I! I know that one of our group got a call a couple of days ago which was an offer.


Thankyou, I made sure I knew some well! Unfortunately I still totally fuzzed up the one case study question… I was trying to really prepare my answer in the first try and then the second time round I got off to a bad start, forgot everything and had to read some notes off the screen - badly as well.

Luckily I did briefly mention some in why I want to work for Accenture… Oh well, I feel like my other answers were okay so fingers crossed they are forgiving for my blip.


Offers are done by one member of staff and rejections are done by another. I assume the rejections take longer because they provide feedback at the same time!

Hope this isn’t true however, I have no optimism other than a rejection.


Just got an offer so I hope that gives you guys some hope!


And the plot thickens…

Well done. What did they say on the phone?

I am still going to be glass half empty and assume I haven’t got it. Why would someone from 11th assessment centre get accepted on the 12th but you who went on the 5th get accepted on the 13th?


Congrats :slight_smile: what start did they offer you? I got September!!! so far away


When was your assessment centre and phone call with the offer Anonymous-wh0?


5th Nov and got an offer on Wednesday 11th.


Congrats! :smiley: wonder how many of our group got an offer, do you know about anyone else? They offered me March which is closer than I expected so I’m happy. Did you want something sooner than sept?


Thanks! :slight_smile: they basically just talked over contract related stuff, my start date, things I need to do to finalise it. No mention about the wait or anything, it was within 10 days I guess! But you’re right, it is a bit odd the way we’ve received offers at different times. I wouldn’t get too down though considering it has only been a couple of days for you!


Yeah I mentioned in the interview that I would be interested in an earlier start date. I emailed them today anyway so hopefully I can get an early date :slight_smile: I have no idea haha I though the group was pretty good so I’m sure there will be a few more of us


Congratulations both on your offers! Welcome to the party, Crrt i’ll likely be seeing you in March!


HI, did you get feedback on why you werent given the offer? thanks


Hi everyone,

I will have my AC next Thursday afternoon, anyone get the same session?


Hi has anyone heard back from the Newcastle Assessment Centre January 15th 2016? If so what was your outcome?


I was in the assessment centre and haven’t heard back yet. Have you?


I was in the 2pm assessment centre too and still haven’t heard anything as of yet. Do we definitely receive confirmation even if we weren’t successful?