Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



I just got a call yesterday that i got through to the assessment centre which will be held in November. Other than what is written here can any provide any more insight into the assessment day? For the case study is there a particularly way it should be tackled? I’ve never done a case study at an assessment centre before so im a bit unsure to what to expect. Also any other advice would be great too. Thanks


If you are applying for Client Delivery there is no case study at assessment centre, just a group exercise. Read MinionQueens post at the bottom for a full and accurate description.


Thanks i have had a look over it. Sorry i meant the group exercise. Is there any prep i can do? Or should i just focus on standard interview questions and look at the accenture website?


You can’t really ‘prepare’ for the group exercise. Its more about how you handle people and situations. Take control/charge in a nice way if you can e.g keep the time, keep everyone involved, keep drawing the group back to the objective if discussion goes way ward. The task itself is really straight-forward don’t worry about that, just focus on how you interact with the group. Good luck!


hi when did u did ur digital interview ?


I did my interview last Thursday and i received a call yesterday. Have you got your AC in November too?


Congra ! No I will do the digital interview tomorrow ,can I ask exactly what date of Nov is ur AC ? thanks


Hey, Yes I did :slight_smile: , doing my AC end of Oct, is anyone else doing an AC on 29th of Oct?


It is 28k with 5k signing bonus.


I’m doing my AC then too. :slight_smile:


is that for london office?
and what’s the job nature different from the ACG?


Hey all, wanted to give some feedback considering how this helped me heaps as well. I’ve just been made an offer for an August 2016 start and finished my AC last Thursday. It was a pretty quick turnaround and I got the call for it yesterday (but missed it so got one today instead) with my offer.

Just make sure you’re prepared with examples showing your competencies that were sent in the email, be prepared to think fast in case they throw you a curveball with the questions. I was pretty nervous during my 1-1 interview but was able to recover by stating at the end when they ask you about what you would do differently in the group exercise/1-1. So being reflective is a good skill in this case. Most of the questions are circulated around usual competencies although the questions will not be as clear cut as you imagine so you need to know how to interpret that in your head quickly and understand what they’re actually asking you.

Group exercise is pretty clear cut, wasn’t too difficult as long as you’re able to justify your answers with logic and sense. Make sure you’re contributing to the conversation and not dominating. Show that you’re interested in technology and prepare your case study examples because you will be asked about it. Be detailed and don’t just give a basic, rough outline.

Overall, I had a really positive experience and the other candidates were cool too. There’s definitely a diverse set of people applying to this role, which will definitely make things super interesting.


Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback and a big congratulations on your offer! Can I ask whether that is the earliest date you were available to start or whether that was just what they could offer? I hope the questions aren’t too vague, being calm and collected in interviews is something I really need to work on…


Yup, this was for a position in London. The main difference I would say is the phase in the project life cycle that ACG would be in compared to Client Delivery.

I guess ACG would be more innovative, while Client Delivery would be more delivering results.


I originally asked for an October start date, but they gave me August for some reason (I don’t finish uni till the end of July and I wanted some downtime before diving in), so I don’t actually know why they’ve done that!


Oh also, the questions aren’t too vague, just have a roundabout way of asking. But the only thing you should anticipate are questions regarding the group exercise and your logic/reasoning behind what you’re discussing. There is absolutely no way for you to know what they’re going to ask at this point in time as the question will be based on what you did.


Hey have you had your AC yet? Mine’s on the 12th but they haven’t yet sent me a confirmation email. Would be brill if you are going to the same one!! :slight_smile: x


Hey I was on 29th AC too, but didnt get an offer unfortunately. Whts your name? Would be interesting to know who got the offer:)


Hi, does anyone remember how you go about getting feedback? I remember them saying it was available quite fast, but I still haven’t heard back from my AC a week ago so I think I might ask for that in the meantime - I’ve just forgotten how!


I’m in the same boat! I had my AC on the 5th and still haven’t heard back yet…guess I’ll have to be patient as they did say it will take up to 10 days.