Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



People who have a 2016 Offer, out of pure curiosity what are you doing in the meantime?


Just waiting and findin out as much info to make the process easier for them and me! When do you start? I start Feb 16


March, no date been given just yet


Allie11 please can you kindly share how many referees they asked for e.g. number of academic/professional/personal referees? Thank you!


Hello, they’ll ask for references to cover the last 36 months before your starting date, so whatever that entails for you (university professors, previous employers, and personal character referee). Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Allie11 !


How long after your phone call did you get an email of your contract … And then how long after your phone call did you get a response from your referee that accenture contacted them ?


About 3 weeks for your first question! I am still in the recruitment process so not too sure about the second question. Allie11, they said they would provide the login details and then I can upload my documents. Is that when we give the referees name and contact details too? Could you please describe what happens after accepting the offer letter?


Hi there, does anyone know what the salary is like for Client Delivery grads? I expect it’ll be less than ACG, but not sure how much less


Have u heard back from them ?


Hey guys! I have the video interview to do soon and I was just wondering if anyone could give some examples of the competency based questions they ask/any questions really! I’m just being stupidly over nervous about it. Also did people feel the need to use case studies in any answers?


Hey i was nervous too but it’s quite straight forward. Usual application questions , why them , why role , and competency ie. Name a time worked on a project. Can’t remember what else but u need to know case study examples . You’ll be fine good luck


I would say characteristics of a good team, strengths, weaknesses, ways to overcome weaknesses ( shows self development skills) check the email they sent you and the skills they asked you to study in that email. all questions are based on these skills. Also, define the role might be one! Be prepared on the situational questions. Have 1-3 good stories prepared on adaptability, flexibility and teamwork!


Don’t be nervous! You have a retry if you are not satisfied with your answer! Make sure you use that to your full advantage!


Thanks a lot for replying, really appreciate the advice! I do feel a bit calmer about it all now, I just like to be as prepared as possible incase I panic.


That’s really useful information, thanks a lot! I’ve covered quite a bit of that stuff so its good to know I’m on the right track. I’ll make sure I prepare for your other suggestions too.


Yes that’s very true! I’m so relieved about that… Thanks. :slight_smile:


I meant to ask, you say I will need to know case study examples. Do they specifically ask for them or should I just try and weave them in? Like if they ask what Accenture do or something?


Yes you will need to know case studies in depth! They will ask for them! Weaving them in as you speak why you want to work for Accenture also conveys that to them that you are interested in working in similar projects! Good luck don’t panic I am sure you have over prepared, just like I did!


I am sure it will go through! Good luck and let us know when is your AC !