Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



Do you get placed in a certain office or can you choose? I want to be in London! I’ve got my assessment centre next week


Don’t worry, it takes more than 4 days =) If they would not contact you within 10 working days that will be 28th of Sept, write an email to the email address provided in your digital interview invitation. I think they have Assessment every couple of weeks from what I can tell.


Perhaps they had a large in take this year. They told me APRIL few weeks ago


I believe you state what office you want to work in during the application, or they may ask you in the AC, but you can choose where to be based


Yeah, probably! It’s just kinda strange logic for me, they keep interviewing people right now even that they know that all the positions are filled for almost a year up ahead, which kinda does not make any sense to me. I do not know about other people, but I can say personally that I can get almost one year of experience during this “waiting period” and by that time I will not need to apply for a graduate scheme anymore. Maybe I am wrong, but I think they should separate people who graduated and looking for a job ASAP from people who is looking for a job next year. It is a bit greedy and kinda giving people false hopes, when I see status “hiring now” I assume they are looking for people right now… Well, I am seem to be the only one who is concerned with this problem. Working for accenture seem to be a great opportunity, but wasting another year just get in might be a deal breaker over here…




Actually last week they said that you can’t choose where you will be based. I assume it is because they are taking on so many people for the role that if everybody chose then most people would choose to be in London. They did say that after the first couple of projects you have more of a say in where you want to be based.


So how do they decide where you are placed?


I am applying for October 2016 intake, do you think that would make a difference in terms of being placed? Would it be more likely I would be placed in London?


Since you’re applying for October next year it is relatively likely that they’ll put you wherever you choose since competition is mainly for earlier start dates such as Jan/Feb 2016. Perhaps email them to confirm?


Thought so!. I have an assessment centre coming up soon so I guess i’ll mention it there if/when they ask! Thanks for the reply!


Anybody who went through the background check with Accenture knows if employment references are written or verbal by phone please? :slight_smile:


My referees let me know that they were written via email forms :slight_smile:


My referees let me know that they were written via email forms :slight_smile:


Hi there, London is the default location so if you do request it, that’s where you’d most likely be placed anyway, as there are usually only a few spaces in the other offices. That being said, you could be in a different city for a longer project. I’m sure it will work in your favour! Good luck at the centre :slight_smile:


Thank you Allie11 :slight_smile:


Hey, did you do your AC? how was it? I have done my digital interview on 14th but I haven’t heard back from them yet!


Hey Theonlyone,
When is your AC? I have done my digital interview but Im still waiting to hear from them, we might be in a same AC!


Hey there! I haven’t done it yet as I had to change it, it’s next week! Private message me we can chat!


how long do u get the AC result after ur AC ?