Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



really appreciate for help


Hey Anony.mous Thanks for that info. Do you remember what competencies they asked you ? Also what tech questions do they ask you? Congratulations once again


Unfortunately since my interview was sometime back I do not remember the exact questions but I can tell you they were situation based e.g. ‘give me an example where you did this’. I believe they looked at teamwork, adaptability, motivation, interest in technology and the role. Be sure to have a few examples at hand from your academics or previous work experience which you can adapt to the question. Good Luck.


They did not ask technological questions as such, just basic ones to see if you really do have an interest in technology and why. So you should be clear on why exactly you applied for this role.


Thanks for that . I will do some research … Any links that you used that was helpful in terms of tech knowledge or did you know them from degree/work? Also for the group exercise is there any way you could prep … What prior knowledge should I know ? And did you have to find a tech solution or the solution and phases were given you had to just plan it on a timeline? I think I am more nervous about the group exercise so any extra info on that would be great . Sorry it’s loads of stuff as I know u did it a while ago .



There weren’t any technology-specific questions, so you won’t need to research this. What you will need to know is why you are interested in technology, and what excites you about it. Competency based questions will be focusing on teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving, so have some examples of how you demonstrated this in mind. As far as the group exercise goes, if you see MinionQueen’s post below it explains this :slight_smile: It’s centred around Accenture launching a partnership with inner-city London schools to develop a social media platform. There isn’t really a way to prepare for this part, but to be honest, no real prep was necessary as it’s very straightforward. Don’t be nervous! If you are genuinely interested in technology and know exactly what the role entails and are keen on learning throughout the programme you will be fine :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks Allie11 . I hope I do as well as you . Well done ! X


Hi Ariel and others

So glad to find this section and read your comments, very useful information.
I doing my digital interview soon, I have checked the video in the link they sent me, but was surprised to see technical questions like " Please provide a writing sample ,describing why you think SDLC is beneficial to clients?"
I know they will ask 9 questions, but I would like to know what sort of questions do they ask? could you pls give me some examples?Would really appreciate.



Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your experiences, you have some very useful information here,
I have applied online, and received an email for the digital interview. Could someone please tell me what sort of question I will get in the digital interview? Will it be technical or more competency based?

Thanks for your feedback.



Digital interview is 9 questions, from memory they were all competency based I think. The first question is introducing yourself so you are eased into the questions.

You have three minutes and two attempts per question.

A technique is to use the first attempt and three minutes to plan the answer for the question and use the second attempt to answer the question.


Thank u so much for your feedback, smart technique ! Will do


Thank u so much for your feedback, smart technique ! Will do


Hi, I had my AC on the 2nd of September and I am yet to hear back. Anybody else have their AC on this date heard anything? Im starting to worry.
Also those who received an offer, did they contact via phone or email? Thanks.


From what I heard you get a phone call from a blocked number. How was your AC, I have mine coming up. Im worried about my 1-2-1 interview, what questions did they ask you in relation to the competencies and the company. Also how did you find your group exercise - any tips? Im sure you will get it they say up to 10 working days.


Okay nice one thank you :slight_smile: The whole AC was fairly kind tbh, really relaxed so you have nothing to be worried about. With regards to questions asked, they were fairly generic ‘name a time that you have had to manage a project’ ‘do you prefer the start or end of a project’ etc, make sure you read up on case studies and youll be fine. The group exercise was basically just creating some form of interactive website for teens, just be innovative and justify every decision i guess. Good Luck!


What date is your AC? I haven’t heard back from my digital interview yet, maybe we’ll be on the same one :slight_smile:


Anyone else got an AC coming up?


Anyone else have an AC coming up?


I just had an Assessment, and they say that next available date to start is most likely May 2016… That is like 8 months from now, not sure it is worth waiting that long


I did my digital interview on 14th of Sept, and still havent heard back from them, how long does it take to hear back from them? And does anyone have AC in the coming weeks? When is it?