Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



Hi Minion Queen! Thanks for the info, I was wondering what is the exact starting date in October?


Hi Minion Queen, were you by any chance given a time limit per question during your interview? a friend told me during hers for ACG she was stopped if she spoke for more than 2 minutes lol


Nope no time limit, but I’d assume if you started to ramble or go off on a tangent, they’d cut you off, because they would want to keep it in that 45 minute time frame. There was one question where I had to pause to think and mentally construct my answer but my assessor didn’t have an issue with it. I couldn’t tell you how many questions I answered in those 45 mins but I’ve an inkling to say around 10-12 so you get about 4 mins per question.


Hasn’t been decided yet, but I’m inclined to believe it would be mid to late October (could be totally wrong though).


Hmm I dont know why I feel it will be 5th of October because we have 4 weeks of training before we hit the ground running so late October may leave the first assignment till last week in November which is practically Christmas lol I may be wrong though. You still have not received your contract?


I got the contract a while ago, but like I said, they still hadn’t decided on the October start date.
Tbh the woman I spoke to when I got the verbal offer did say to make sure I had no holidays booked for October because of the training so you may well be very right!
The onboarding team is based in India which is why I assume they are really poor with communication.


Thanks for all your help on this forum it really helped me for my AC! I appreciate it a lot. I had my AC last week and waiting to hear now. Seems they got back to you within 2 working days. Do you know how long they usually take to respond after the AC? Like did you exchange details with other people at the AC and know when they heard back from Accenture. Hate waiting and I am so nervous!!!


No problem at all and fingers crossed! On the website they say they take around 10 days, but they rarely often take that long to respond, the norm can is usually from within a few hours after the AC to about 5 days, (from what I have heard from other people who have applied)


Jeez I have almost lost myself worrying about when I will hear back as its been 4 days already. Fingers crossed! Did you get a call or was it by email?


Hi there, I wouldn’t worry – it seems to vary from person to person! I got a phone call about 4 hours after my AC with the offer, but I know others who had the call a few days after as well. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:


It was a phone call, but don’t worry about it too much - like the person above me said, it varies and also depends on capacity i.e. how many people they have to give feedback to :slight_smile:


Hi, Thanks for the detailed feedback. My Assessment Centre is next week and I am pretty nervous. Just wanted to clarify, did you have an aptitude test as well or was it just the group exercise and interview? It mentions the test on the website but Im not sure what that entails.


It was just the group exercise and interview in the AC :slight_smile:


Thanks!! I’m just losing hope as each day goes by cause today makes it a week since the AC. I would try and be more patient but it isn’t exactly easy as I literally jump each time my phone goes off :confused:


hi can i ask is it too late for apply Oct now ? I am afraid its too late now. Also can i ask how to prepare the online test ?Seems so difficult !! Can i have the contact tel No.which one ur offer email which i can give them a call to ask is it too late to apply now ?

Really appreciate for ur help !!


Hey guys,

I attended my AC sometime back and got an offer the next day. Just realized I should provide some feedback here as MinionQueen’s comments really helped me. I will concur with everything she says but would like to add that I found my interview a bit tough since the interviewer had an extremely long list of competency based questions to go through. So I would suggest be ready to think on the spot and do not get flustered. If you remain calm and confident then even if you pause for a bit to think and formulate your thoughts it would go fine, in my opinion. Good Luck everyone.


hi can i ask how long does it take for the whole process ? Is it too late for apply now ?


Hi there, if there is still a link to apply on the website you should be alright :slight_smile: My entire process from online application to offer was exactly 4 weeks, so very quick. Also, I believe they will likely be recruiting for the February 2016 start date, so if you’re successful then I would imagine you could start then. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi, unfortunately I don’t have a contact number for them, its all done via email and when I got the call for the offer the number was withheld. It took around a month from application to offer, so there is a chance if you apply now you could get into the October intake - the start date is now confirmed as October 15th. There is also a Feb 2016 intake, so you may also wish to consider that if it turns out you can’t make the October intake.


Just thought I’d let you know we’ve finally been told the October start date which is October 15th!