Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



Will do :slight_smile:



How long after completing the video interview did you get invited for an AC?


Thank you! :slight_smile: I think my own experiences helped with the one-on-one interview. I did a placement and summer internship in IT so I knew a bit about the big name technologies/software out there which I brought into the interview. I also talked about my dissertation which had an element of technology incorporated into it. I would say if your background isn’t very technical, (and contrary to what I’ve just said, I’m actually not that technical – I did a business degree!) make sure you’re clued up on Accenture Technology and clients!

When I spoke to them they still hadn’t selected the October start date but I was informed at the AC that the August start date was Monday 24th August. I chose the October start date (I wanted a little break from my current job before starting Accenture) and I know most of the candidates in my AC also selected the October start date for similar reasons.

Good luck for August 13th! Nerves are natural, but I’m sure you’ll leave the AC saying that it was actually an enjoyable day (or half day).


There’s a reward and benefits section


But does anyone know the approx. salary range of this particular role?


It took 3 weeks for me so dont give up!


Have no idea as it is a new programme but would it be similar to ACG offer?


Thanks so much MinionQueen! I really do hope I do well on the AC and get the offer. I dont know much about Accenture Technology so I guess I have a lot of research to do. I still have a bit of time anyway. Did you have to talk about any thing from the news? Stuff not related to Accenture?


Do you mind me asking what you wore/what most people wore? Is something along the lines of a suit or suit dress okay? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Looking back I actually wore quite a casual dress, (similar to this but it looked formal because I put a blazer on it :stuck_out_tongue: All the guys were in suits naturally, the other girls wore a blouse/trouser combo, a couple wore blazers others didn’t. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but also something that can pass off as smart.


Not really. I talked about some technologies but then related it back to Accenture. The focus is really on Accenture and your experience. They won’t ask about anything that’s not relevant to the two things I mentioned.


Can I ask if you have received anything regarding to the result of digital interview? I also took my digital interview on 10th July and have not yet heard anything. Im applying for Finance Graduate Programme for 2015 intake. Are you applying for the same programme as me?



I don’t think it will be the same as ACG, more than likely it will be lower. A lot of current employees say that ACG would be top tier and that the other roles fall underneath. So I’m assuming that would include salary too.



No I’ve not received anything. I have emailed them a couple times because I have other opportunities I’m in a similar position with and wouldn’t want any conflicting AC’s. No I’m applying for this one - Client Delivery. It seems that they do take a while to get back to you, hopefully that is a good thing!




I received a phone call yesterday afternoon saying I would be invited to AC. Yes I guess they just do take a while. Hope you get your good news very soon.



Hi there, congrats! When is your AC?


Hi thanks. I’ll have my AC on 11 August.



Got an email this morning saying I’ve got through to an AC on the 20th, nearly a month but I guess it was worth the wait!


Congrats! :slight_smile: yes it worths. Hope both of our AC will go well :slight_smile:


Does anyone else have their AC on the 13th of August?