Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



Hi, I’m in the exact same boat as I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now. I sent an email few days ago asking for an update but got a reply basically saying “We would inform you once we receive the date”. Hopefully they get back to us soon.


Hi,Just wanted to ask if you could give me a few tips on the digital interview stage. What sort of questions were asked? Also, do you by any chance know the structure of the Assessment centre for the Client Delivery Graduate programme at Accenture?Thanks!


Hi, I can’t remember specific questions but if you’ve done some preparation then you’ll be fine, just make sure you know why you want the role, why you want to work at accenture and why you are interested in technology. That will give you a good base for your answers. No idea about the AC other than whats on the website e.g. group activity followed by one on one interview.

Good luck! Hopefully see you and Emagol at the AC soon!


Hi AA21! could I ask what kind of questions you had in this digital interview? Thanks a lot.


are there anyone finished the online test this year?