Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



I can confirm that the group task is still the same, relating to the 2 bank mergers for Strategy & Consulting. The task is 30 minutes long and is very time-constrained. Make sure you work effectively together as a group and to not split the 4 categories amongst yourselves as this made it difficult when putting our proposal together. Make sure everyone is well aware of your solution cards and to briefly summarise and describe each one. During the task, after 15 minutes they will provide you with more information relating to the task, but this is up to you, whether you wish to take this into consideration or not. Make sure you also be honest in your interview of how you think you done in the group task. You will also be handed out another set of solution cards - relating to the 5th category (maintenance and support) and to pick one and evaluate the chosen option. The rest is pretty much standard competency questions.


Congrats, nothing do you have a good email contact ?


Has anyone been invited to an assessment centre in Newcastle on 26th May (client delivery grad)? I’m in the morning session.


Hey, I was there that day too… You had any news yet?


I was also there that day. Got a call today explaining they are still deciding so no offer or rejection. No idea on any timescales either. Anybody else heard anything?


Hi CL9291, i received an offer on the 2nd of June but i was a referral so it could be different for me. Let me know. Were you in the morning session?


Hi, what do you mean by referal? Yeah, I was also in the morning session. I figure they would’ve rejected me sooner if an offer wasn’t on the cards. Maybe they are figuring out numbers and if they need to drop anyone? Fingers crossed, I just hope it doesn’t take much longer.


Hey, I was there that day in the afternoon and I was made an offer too on 2nd June


Hi all. Did anyone here go to the Accenture Operations Assessment Centre on 7th June 2016 in London? Just wondered if anyone had heard back yet?


Did you get an offer?



I got an invite to do a business case study interview as part of my application to the Strategy Analyst role in Accenture Strategy – Products cluster. The email says that it is a Skype conference call/online meeting. I would like to ask anyone who has done this interview or any business case study interview for any role at Accenture the following questions.

What case study was given? What questions were asked during the interview? How many questions were there?

What advice do you have on how to best prepare for the interview?



Hey, I have an Accenture Operations Assessment center on 6th of July in London. how was it and do have any additional information to add?

How long did it take for you to hear back from them?


Congrats! I was wondering how long did it take for you to hear back from the digital interview?


thank you, it took about 2 month to hear back from them. But the assessment date was pushed back too, so that might be a factor.


Hi, i was just wondering have you heard back from them regarding the digital interview/ i sent mine on 1/7/2017


Nope I haven’t and I sent mine on 24/06


Do you know about how long it takes for them to reply? I thought they would reply within 2 weeks or somewhere around that timeline.


No I don’t and so did i. I emailed them last week to ask but still no response on how long it will take


Hope they reply soon. Still no word on my side too. Good luck on your application.


Hi, I am currently waiting for a date for my assessment centre, is anyone else in the same boat? I have passed the digital interview but have been in limbo for around 10 days just waiting for them to give me a date. How long does it normally take before a date is scheduled?