Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



Hi all. I have done my AC recently for Strategy and Consulting Graduate. The group exercise was about 2 banks recently merged (Traditional bank and Modern bank). There will be a video introducing you about the project and what you need to do. Initial meetings are done and there are a set of solutions given, you would need to choose 1/2 each from 4 categories: people, strategy, technology and process. There will be 2 assessors that will assess you during the group activity. They might interrupt you in the middle of the exercise and give you some more information to work on. It depends on your group whether you want to use those info.
The 1-1 interview is a lot more relax, they will ask you questions relating to the group exercise, what you think about the solutions your team has chosen (in terms of budget, timing, etc). Would you do anything difference? There are quite a few questions about this but I cant remember all. Moving on to the compentency: prepare your answer for problem solving, flexibility and adaptability (tell me a time when you have to change your strategy/plan completely while working on completing a task), why Accenture, what could you bring to the role and example of 1 skill you mentioned.
Unfortunately I didn’t get the offer, but overall it was not a bad experience. Hope this helps. Good luck all.


Not sure if you’ve heard anything back yet, but there’s a delay with the Newcastle schemes as they don’t know how many places they have available for 2016. This is apparently due to the budget not being allocated for grad places yet…


Hi guys, attended the assessment centre on Jan 15th in Newcastle, had two calls last month about delayed start dates due to the budget for grad intakes not being confirmed yet. Had another call today saying the same thing and I was also asked if I’d be interested in attending a social event with the other applicants? Has anyone else heard anything about this? I wonder if we’re being strung along here or whether there’s a chance of an offer? Has anyone been rejected do we know?


Hi I had exactly the same call from a lady with an American accent. Getting a bit ridiculous now!


Had exactly the same call today. they say that we’re ‘successful’ but what do they mean by that?!


Hi. Thanks for your update. They told me that Autumn 2016 grad places are full so they would only be able to offer me Spring 2017


I hope Newcastle is not the same. I’ve not even had my assessment centre yet.


Hi, I got told 2 1/2 weeks ago that financial figures and start dates would be organised within 1-2 weeks, I am still to hear anything. Has anyone got any recent news ? Feels like a distant memory the January 15th interview


Me too. havent had the AC yet


Just to keep you all updated, i got a call on Friday offering me a position for a June start. Did anyone else get an offer? Hopefully you did or will do this week. Good luck!


Congratulations!! Didn’t hear anything on Friday… Fingers crossed for this week.


Well done !!! I haven’t either, hopefully this week


Any news anyone? Still nothing


Nothing from me yet either


I haven’t heard anything either. Although I can’t start until after July but hopefully they will let us know soon!


Still nothing from me, anyone else? Also does anyone have a good contact number to speak to someone


cant believe how long it has been since interview !


I’ve been invited for an assessment centre in Newcastle (client delivery) on May 26th. For the assessment centre do you complete any numerical or logical or whatever tests?


Hi guys, I got my offer through yesterday for mid September start. Has anyone else had another update?


Just to let you all know I got my offer through on Wednesday too. Got a mid September start as well