Accenture Client Delivery Graduate Programme - Assessment Centre 2015



Thank you MinionQueen for your detailed post. It’s totally put my mind at rest regarding the assessment centre.
I did my video interview on Wednesday 3rd and i’m still waiting to hear back, but I’m doing AC prep in advance just incase. I heard the salary was 32K but maybe that was London only.


It’s 28k with 5k signing bonus, that was for London, don’t know if it’s different for newcastle


The London salary is 28k


Hi. I have done my video interview on 24 January but haven’t heard back… Can u guys update me how long it takes


Has anyone heard anything, Iv had a few calls but not had an offer yet or been told no. Said they are looking at start dates for people. Anyone else heard any different or the same?


Nothing yet, was the call recently?


And would you say it’s pointless ringing them


People who have applied in Sept 15’ have had March start dates postponed to late 2016. So be aware that there are starting delays, you may have to plan accordingly


Got a call last Friday, had 2 calls now saying about delayed start dates. Maybe worth a call if not heard


That is annoying, I presume you were affected by this? I’d ideally like a start date before or after summer period. Just got to hold on I suppose.


Had anyone emailed previously ? I rang them and they told me to


When/how did you find out about these start dates being postponed? And are you referring to London or Newcastle?


Hi, know someone affected and that was a London intake.


I did my video interview on Feb 3rd and have not heard back either. I applied to Newcastle, where did you apply?


I applied in London :slight_smile:


Guys, on the website of ACN it is not specified so I’m wondering if this programme also has a UCAS points requirement?


Hi. Did u hear back?


Well, i emailed them last week to find out. They said i had passed but they were trying to organise an assessment centre date so my formal invitation to the next round would come once that was finalised. I’d assume if you have not had a no then this will be the case too!


Thanks! I feel a bit optimistic now! :smiley:


Has anyone heard anything, Iv had contact about recruitment being on hold as financial figures are being finalised. Anyone had any further news?