Accenture Client Delivery 2021

Hi all,

I recently applied to Accenture Client Delivery Programme 2020, and took the Online Immersive test, now waiting to hear from Accenture. The immersive test consisted of a number of SJT, with some logical questions in the end (about password cracking).

Meanwhile, I am trying to learn more about the other people’s experiences with different stages of the application process, especially the Assessment Centre part. I know that Accenture’s application process has changed recently, with Discovery Portal/Online Immersive Tests replacing video interviews.

Could anyone share their experiences with AC? Do you know what is involved at this stage? Specifically, what kind of exercises/case studies/business challenges are involved? I know that for Consulting program they sometimes have a case study, and for Client Delivery they may have coding challenges. Can anybody elaborate more on the kind of coding challenges involved, if any?

It would be really helpful to learn more about your experiences if you don’t mind sharing! Any insights would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

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