Accenture Bootcamp


Hi there,

I’m in the midst of applying for the accenture bootcamp - for those who don’t know about it you can read about it here (

I’ve never actually applied for a proper company before! I’ve spent all my time previously working for charities and NGOs. When I scour through my CV, this looks like a massive disadvantage. So, here I am, on wikijob, creating a thread which will hopefully throw up tips and tricks for a first time applier and help me learn the style and the things I should highlight when applying.

Here goes:

So, the first question is:

“Please explain why you would like a place on Accenture’s boot-camp” They want 3000 characters for this - or at least that’s the maximum (about 500 words.)

I’ve started with a joke about Dick Cheney. Is that even appropriate!?

“Well as Dick Cheney said, there are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. The bootcamp seems to fall into the latter two categories and as challenges go, it’s the ones which you don’t expect about that are most rewarding to overcome.”

and so on, I talk about learning, about liking to be challenged. This is all true by the way…

The rest of the questions seem to be kind of standard - about why I want to work there, what to expect, what kind of ways they use technology etc.

This has become a bit of a ramble. I really would like any tips you’ve got to throw out about how one fills in these things.




Hi Alex,

Just wondering if you’ve progressed further with the Boot Camp application? I was also thinking of applying for this also.

I like the joke/analogy at the start, I think it fits in well. Just try and bring across some of the reasons from the video perhaps - not a typical skills workshop etc.

I’m more concerned about the ways they use technology? How did you approach this; did you just choose a few examples and discuss or try and brainstorm different ways they use technology?


Thanks for the appreciation for my joke - I left it out of the final cut though

Which maybe was a good idea - I got an interview. Which is tomorrow!

For tech. I did lots of meticulous work, mostly across their non graduate site, and their US site. It took ~2 hours in total. I will send you my answers as soon as the interview is over. I don’t want to give anyone an unfair advantage.



Hey Alex, all the best for your interview! It would be great if you could send me your answers too, as I am interested in applying for the bootcamp.

Cordy x


Hey Alex, all the best for your interview! It would be great if you could send me your answers too, as I am interested in applying for the bootcamp.

Cordy x


Cheers Alex. How did the interview go?

Thanks for offering your answers - I would really appreciate that!


Hi Alex, I hope the interview went well. (If not, you have done well to get one!)

Much like Ravness, I am similarly struggling with the technology question. I feel quite stumped by it. How did you go about answering it? Could you possibly send me your answers also?

Would really appreciate your help and also interested to know what the interview was like?

Amy xx


Hallo all!

I got into the bootcamp as of today. Which is great. 500 applicants have applied for the 30 places so it is roughly 17 people per place. This is not too much considering many of them are idiots (probably.)

So, firstly the question on technology:

I opened with something like this :

Accenture uses technology in many ways to help their clients increase performance.

Firstly, they use technology to automate many systems that would previously have to be done by hand.
Then I talked about the benefits of automation - and places where it would be implemented (supply chains, HR)
On the fly supply chains (for example dell builds each computer as it is ordered online)
Then I talked about a specific example which was radio frequency identification and silent commerce

Integration of systems
Global delivery centres and outsourcing integration
Supply chain integration
" integrate client’s systems with its associates, ensuring rapid transfer of information and workflow operations across the globe. Accenture’s global delivery centres allow its clients to integrate their systems with outsourcing units to capture a 24 hour work cycle."

Off the shelf solutions
Mentioned oracle and SAP

Data analysis
consumer segmentation
Optimisation of systems

These services have the potential to produce huge amounts of data, this data can ‘report back’ on how the system is performing as well as providing insight into how the company functions as a whole. Accenture harnesses this data to provide useful information for the client. This information could provide optimisation and further redesign of pre-existing technological solutions or provide extra information for the client to achieve higher performance, for example, to aggregate and analyse data for customer segmentation. "

And then lastly I mentioned the economic climate and how software as a service and virtualisation could reduce IT costs.

Please please please, for yourself and me, don’t reproduce any of this verbatim. They will notice.

The telephone interview was stock questions really about my motivation for bootcamp, accenture and consulting (they asked me if I looked at any other career options)
Competency qs were on teamwork and times I’d been flexible

They phoned a bit early than the appointed schedule, which may have been to check how flexible I was… I was a bit flustered and though the HR guy had to stick to an appointed script, he was friendly and offered me a place right after the call.

Hope this is of help!


Oh and additional tips. Quite cheekily, I used facebook to filter out alumni of my university who work at accenture and asked them for advice on what an analyst does. A couple got back to me, and one of them was very helpful.

The tech question on the other hand was answered by scouring their sites, local and international. You can find the answers if you look hard enough, and use a bit of common sense to deduce the processes from the common themes.



Hi Alex,

Congrats on getting into the Bootcamp! Hope you enjoy it.

Also thanks a lot for all of the advice - will definitely not copy any of this, was just struggling on how to actually approach this question, level of detail required etc. but this has really helped.

Hopefully see you there :wink:


Thank’s Alex that’s great advise.

Could I possibly ask you what Degree you are doing and where? And what A-levels did you get?

Also well done with getting in!


Amy x


I study philosophy in Leeds and I my A levels are:

They are:
A English
A Film Studies
A Sociology
B Psychology
AS A Biology

Obvs some are shitty, but it didn’t seem to matter.

I think my work experience was the thing that killed it though. I’m designing an iPhone app this summer and I’ve done loads of techy stuff before hand. However, on the application, it’s your interpersonal skills which take priority (apparently.) And - from my cheeky facebook askings I was told that any spelling or grammar mistakes will result in your application being immediately rejected - I mean, if you can’t write after 2/3 years at university - how can you be expected to draft reports for clients!

Hope to see you there!


Sorry to keep bothering you Alex…

When you talk about your work experience, where did you write about this? Was this just in your CV or did you explain what the work experience involved within the form?


Amy x


I talked about it within the extra curricular activities section



Thank you for this post. The hint about using the US site for technology information has proved most helpful.

I’m wondering if you did anything besides conatcting allumni to find out more about the day to day tasks and actvities an analyst does? I’ve looked on the accenture website and there doesn’t appear to be a great amount of information on this. If you could point me in the right direction of a web page that explains this in detail, I would be very apprecive.

Congrats on securing a place by the way.


Nope, nothing else. Really - the application (seems to me) like a long test. The graduate site is empty, meaningless and irrelevant. What they want is you to prove your skills in analysis and deduction by scouring the main site, and read all their beautifully produced case studies and work out, ‘what would one do on a day-to-day basis to do this?’

and then write that down in the box


Oh - and check this out -


Thanks for sharing that link Alex.

I was wondering, did you structure your answer for “Day to day tasks of an Analyst” as bullet points, or as paragraphs? Also, did you manage to write anywhere as much the character limit of 3000 characters (with spaces) ?


I structured it as a list of bullet points. I think they specify that - and also, the only question I got anywhere near the word limit was on extra-curricular activities


Hi all,

Congratulations Alex on getting into boot camp, I’ve also got a place on the September camp so thought I would share my experiences for anyone else who may be applying soon.

For the tough first question as to why I deserve a place at boot camp I tried to show a passion for consulting, emphasising that after my work experience in the defence industry and the civil service that consulting was a career which really appealed to me. This seemed to go down well, as when I was offered a place I was told it was mostly based on the fact I showed a real interest in consultancy and Accenture.

Apart from the first question I didn’t go near the 3000 character mark, in my opinion this is by no means a bad thing, being accurate and concise with your answers is a skill which consultancy firms will be looking for in graduates, so my tip would be to avoid any waffle in your answers.

Interviews were largely based on the answers submitted on-line, so it’s worth printing a copy before the interviewer calls, along with a copy of your CV and maybe some answers to basic competency based questions.

Good luck to everyone in their applications and interviews.