Accenture Boot Camp



Ive recently learned about the Accenture Boot Camp and it seems like an exciting opportunity for people considering pursuing a career in consulting. However, all information I have found regarding the BC seems rather ambiguous and not only am I confused about what happens during the BC but also about the intended outcomes? Should I see it as an equivalent to ACs standard assessment centre experience or more like a skills workshop? Is it supposed to support the participants in their subsequent AC job application process or do participants actually expect to be made an offer after the camp? Could someone who has attended the Camp maybe throw some light on this? Many thanks in advance.


two of my friends from uni did it - both enjoyed it both got offered a job. Some of my other friends - more intelligent - did the standard AC and didnt get in. Dont think it really deserves the title boot camp from what ive heard. More of an interview prep camp in a nice warm location. Think its pretty much a skills session.


Many thanks for useful info :slight_smile: