Accenture Assessment Centre...Wed 5th October


Hi, Just wondering if anyone attending accenture assessment centre on wed 5th Oct…will be interesting to know peeps beforehand…Any advice on how to prep will be much appreciated.



Hi AshB

Read your post and I have an Assessment Centre on 9th November, so guessing yours has been done. It would be great if you could tell me how it went and what sort of things they asked you for each task i.e Intray task, Case Study, Group exercise and Final Interview. This is my first ever assessment centre and would be so useful to gain an insight and be fully prepared!

Thnaks :slight_smile:

P.S I guess this is a post similar to yours and you sadly had no response :frowning: But I’m counting on you to help me as there are no other recent threads etc on assessment centres for october/november 2011



It’s exactly wat other threads tell you TBH! The day begins with managers intro which is useful as its a recap on Accenture if you’ve pre’d well. In-tray is all abt time pressure here you have number of issues you have to identify on three different projects and list under 3 diff headings… Financial, project delivery and other. Then you have to identify three high priority issues - one for each heading. They provide a A3 sheet to do this . This is the first part. For second part using the other side of the sheet you have to write an email to manager to update him on three projects you handling . It’s simply a progress report in an email.

The case study is two part where you get 20 min to read it and 20 min to discuss it. Just use your time wisely. For all case studies you can make three headings really. One on IT - here list everything IT related. Then one heading on Business Processes and list process issues, HR issues etc and finally one on outsourcing and list what should be outsourced!!! Try and think of justifications for your proposals under all three headings. In discussion be structured and go thru each heading in turn. Only list issues as after that they will ask you to justify that’s when you justify your approach.

The group exercise tests you team working and communication. Here participate by giving ideas, if you can time manage do that but don’t have to I did that and found it challenging as I didn’t had digital clock and neither do they!!! Listen to others and don’t cut them off. At the end you have to present for 30 sec just say key elements and don’t waffle !!!

Final interview is most important with most weighing. First question is reflection on your day be honest as this is ur opportunity to explain any errors u may have made and explain them but make sure u tell them how you would it differently of given chance again as this shows ur learning. Then it’s questions like Why Accenture, why technology, what can u bring, where do u think u align better, wat tech means for businesses they may also ask u abt a successful case study so read atleast 2 in detail.

I hope this helps and gud luck… Do let me how it goes .




That’s really useful!! Thanks a lot for that! Also was wondering if you could give me a few pointers as to what the case study and group exercises were based on. As in, last year the former was based on a wine company and the latter was a school in Mozambique. I would appreciate if you could just give me a line on what they were about so I can do some background knowledge if need be.

Have you heard back from them yet? They usually take 5-10 working days! Hope you got through! =D

Thanks again!


Hi don’t worry abt the topic u r right there are few different ones and they use them randomly!!! You will be fine!!! I didn’t get through :frowning: gutted but my bro tried at same time as me and we both pre’d together and he got thru doin the same !!! I got the Mozambique one which is basically building a school it’s a charity project and will use volunteers!! Can’t remember much soz . Good luck!



Hey! Thanks ever so much for responding! Your advice is really good and I shall keep it in mind. Will defo get back to you soon and let you know how it went.



And sorry to hear you didn’t get in but congrats to your brother! :slight_smile:


hi kin123

i guess you’ve just completed your assessment center, i have one on the 15th . I’d really appreciate if you could share some pointers and let me know what they asked in the intray and case study and how you approached it all. Ide really appreciate this if you could because this is my first interview and ive never been to an assessment center before.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


hey rashman123,

Yeh I had the Ac yesterday and went okay.
well mine was quite different to what a lot of the threads have said on wikijob.

i had the group exercise and it was not so bad. we had to design a museum for the 2012 olympics and come up with a theme and then do a project plan with the set guidelines then do a quick presentation of all this, so 30 seconds each to say something. take in charge of writing or timing or something! Just speakk! =D

then we went back in where we had to do our intray exercise. this was different to what other threads mention in terms of only having 15 minutes to do the reading, identifying the current and potential issues of the THREE different projects under THREE different issues : project delivery, financial and ‘other issues’ then prioritising these and coming up with a solution. Time was really constrained, as expected BUT i didn’t really finish it so not sure how well i must have done. deal very carefully with the DATES! mine mentioned that today is 5th september but some of the problems in the case study were from the past so may NOT affect the future project delivery.

then we were split into 2 groups, where some went for their one on one interview. this included the case study exercise and this was slightly different. it was a few lines and was regarding a pipeline company, something called global water supplies or something, can’t remember much. had to identify the problems, the possible solutions. the case study issues were things like communication issues, lack of automation so a lot of manual work being done, demotivated staff etc. then come up with solutions for each and try not be too technical. technology can’t always solve all issues so for the staff motivation i mentioned that they could even have weekly or monthly socials to get to know other employees etc.

there were rarely any competency questions in terms of my experience with team working etc but was asked why i want to work for accenture, what are the roles of an analyst, the structure of accenture in terms of the management consulting, techno and outsourcing. try to talk about examples of companies they have worked for. when asked to talk about how the day went, be as honest as you can but not too negative. just be self-aware

i cant remember too much in detail, but this is most of it. feel free to ask any more questions or anything in particular that you want to know! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed information kin123! It was very helpful.

I am having my assessment day in a few days. First ever for me so a bit nervous.

From what you are saying the format seems to have changed from what most of the other threads say. How long did your case study last for? Are they still the same as the examples on the Accenture website?

Have you heard back from them? If you have congrats and if not hope its good news!


Hey Thoemmle,

Good luck for your assessment day!! I was in the same boat as you, it was my first ever one too!

Yeh the format has changed, and someone who went to it a few days ago said the same thing!

My case study was very short, as in I got 5 minutes to read it whilst the interviewer left the room. Then returned and started asking me a lot of questions about it.

The case study was about a water pipeline company, which I think was mentioned in other threads, but as said before, this format was slightly different. The intray exercise was probably a lot similar to the website example, but I was too panicky too take it all in but yes do use that for practise purposes as it will give you a great insight!

Haven’t heard back yet, they said maybe around 23rd Nov etc so fingers crossed!! So nervous!

Good luck for yours! Any more questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Hi Kin123, thanks for all the help - I too have my interview in the next few days can anyone else confirm the A/C has changed format?
Anyone got any tips for the case study and group exercise?




Anyone from the assesment centre on the 15th of Nov heard back yet?