Accenture Assessment Centre explained in detail


Hi guys,

I had my assessment centre last week and got an offer the next day for a Nov 2009 start. I thought I would explain the assessment centre in more detail.

-Case study
The first task was a case study where we had 20 minutes to read it and identify problems/solutions for an electricity supplier, called Western Electric. It is quite time pressured so I would read through quickly, listing the problems and solutions as you go along.

-Interview relating to case study
You take your notes in for this part. I was asked to identify the 3 main problems and 3 main solutions for Western Electric. The problems I identified were that:

  1. Their internal IT systems were inadequate and data was lost between various databases they had
  2. Their processes were inefficient - field workers would have to go to the office to pick up a print out of their next job and their location was not known unless they were called
  3. The customer service was poor - they received many complaints and in a competive market they could lose many customers to other providers.

The solutions I proposed for these problems were:

  1. Integrate their IT systems so there is one central database to ensure data integrity/reliability
  2. Provide field workers with GPS systems/PDA’s so their location could be identified and jobs could be e-mailed to them which would save time and improve efficiency (I also mentioned that they would require training for using this new technology)
  3. Train the call centre staff so that they are able to perform jobs better and perhaps provide a new reward system to improve motivation (as their poor performance could be down to lack of motivation as well)

Then I was asked about if the company strategy is important - I replied by saying that it is important but not an immediate issue as they need to build on their core competencies and resolve their current issues before thinking of a long term strategy

  • Group task 1 - relating to case study
    We then had a group task for 20 minutes. This is also related to the case study. We had to discuss and rank 5 issues for Western Electric from a list in terms of importance. From memory the issues were Strategy, IT systems, Internal processes, Customer service and one other. After that, we had to list our 3 main issues and solutions out of them 5 that we earlier ranked. I just talked about the 3 problems and solutions that I had discussed with the interviewer earlier. The key to this group exercise is to offer to manage the time and ensure that you get your point in as well as allowing others to talk

  • Document review exercise
    This is just a case of highlighting errors you see in a document - easy as it sounds

  • Group task 2 - idea generation
    This one can be difficult. Our task was to think of ideas to improve the health of the nation. We initially had 15 minutes to think of and discuss ideas and the rules state that you then have to adopt someone else’s idea by the end of that time. Again, I managed the time and suggested that we spent 5 minutes generating ideas and 10 minutes discussing and made sure we stuck to our plan. My ideas included increasing taxes on foods high in fat and subsidising healthy foods. I also suggested that shops or stalls could be put into town centres where people could find out more about healthy recipes and watch someone make a quick healthy dish. Think of around 4 or 5 ideas to discuss. After the 15 minutes we were stopped and provided 4 different budgets to implement our ideas. We had 5 minutes to allocate budgets to our final ideas and then each of us had to present our ideas to an assessor over a 30 second period. The key to this task is again to organise and manage time, as well as coming up with innovative ideas

  • Final Interview
    This is informal - they asked me to reflect on my performance throughout the day and provide reasons for wanting to jopin accenture.

That was my experience of the assessment day. The case studies that people get may be different but I also had an assessment centre 12 months earlier and the initial case study based on Western Electric was exactly the same.

I hope this helps people with assessment centres coming up!


Absolutely fantastic! Great job getting the offer - and great thanks for this information! Are you going to accept on Accenture?

P.S. I might have missed it in your feedback - but exactly what position were you interviewing for?!



Thanks Redsuperted,

I applied for consulting in their Analyst Consulting Group, which is the general route for most people starting consulting at Accenture

I probably will accept, however I had a Deloitte assessment day yesterday and PWC interview today, so it depends if I get any more offers


Nooooo hoped I’d never hear about Western Electrics again!! Lol!

Glad it went well! I had exactly the same assessment centre and was really unimpressed by the whole thing as the lady who did my interview and the case study made me feel really uncomfortable, so it’s good to hear some people have had more positive experiences. I didn’t expect an offer and certainly didn’t.

Great case study analysis - much better job than I did :slight_smile: Mine wasn’t great as it was my first one and I just couldn’t deal with the woman interviewing me!

Good luck for next November if you accept, and please keep us posted about the others. I’d love to know how Deloitte went as it’s my next one on the list.


When is your Deloitte interview Starlita?


In 3 weeks! Any tips?


Thank you very much for this!


Hi Starlita,

With the Deloitte interview, just have 2 examples per competency, and have good reasons why you would like to join them and why you chose your role. In terms of commercial awareness I got asked about any interesting recent stories so make sure you can talk about it in detail.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


Apparently Accenture are changing the format of their assessment days soon


Hi I’ve got an assessment day next week and I think the format of the day may have slightly changed.

The itinerary states that there is an In-Tray exercise and suggesting that there no Document Review exercise.

Also that there is just one group exercise.
–it mentions here that with the in tray exercise you will be given a range of information including memos, graphs and tables to assess your organisation, prioritisation and your attention to details skills.

Is this the same as the document reveiw, what do people think? sound to me like it is that standard in-tray exercise they do elsewhere

Normally, elsewhere on the web the day is described as:
-1 on 1 case study interview
-Group exercise 1: relating to case study
-Document Review
-Group exercise 2: idea generation
-1 on 1 interview

However my conformation email gives:

-In Tray Exercise
You will be given some materials to review and edit to assess your attention to detail

-One to One Case Study Interview

-Group Exercise
A group task focusing on team work, initiative and organisation.

-Analyst Question and Answer Session

-Final One to One Interview
The last part of the assessment centre will concentrate on your career / IT interests and Accenture awareness

So they may have changed the format of the day slightly or is this how it has always been described? Is this how your days were descirbed hits123 and Starlita?



My experience of the new assessment centre:

There is NO document review now. The first exercise was the In-Tray. This was a small booklet which detailed three project launch dates and associated information such as tables, budgets, graphs etc, and you had to fill out an A3 page describing project deliverables, finance issues, other issues, and the top three issues for management to deal with. You had 30 minutes, and the final task was to summarise the information in the form of an email to the project manager. This was SIGNIFICANTLY harder than any document review task.

After this, the group is split into two smaller groups, and you’re taken to a room and sat down with another case study. I had 20 minutes to read through a booklet which detailed a wine wholesaler wishing to pursue an Internet/retail option, and various interviews with the staff alongside operational / management problems. This is where you need to highlight 3 problems and 3 solutions in the following one-to-one interview.

You are again randomly split into two smaller groups. Your group is taken to another room with whiteboard and flipchart. The group exercise was to create a 5-month project plan for a charity wishing to donate proceeds to a new school development in Mozambique. This took 30 minutes, and at the end you have to present a 1 month plan period (per person) to the assessor in 30 seconds.

Last assessed element is the one-to-one interview, which is the same format as described in the proceeding forums.

Hope this helps.


Thanks ac98005!


How much do you earn as an Analyst at Accenture? What about a bonus - how is that paid? Thanks!


Hi everyone, has anyone attended the assessment centre recently? if so, what is the group exercise topic?