Accenture assessment centre 2015 - some insight for you


  1. Analytical thought process:

they give you a bunch of data (graphs, text, surveys) and 5 questions, you have 25 minutes to write bullet point answers to the question

Main test here: to see if you can cope with time pressure without falling apart: get something legible and in line with the data written down for all questions, dosent need to be perfect answer by any means. During the first 5 minutes I was very stressed and couldn’t think of anything to write, but when you get pen to paper you start to calm down and the answers start becoming clear.

  1. Group exercise: you are given four sections (process, people, technology, strategy), each with four solutions (all given to you in writing) - you need to choose the solutions an ACN consultant is likely to use (high tech, digital, IT transformations)
  • take structured notes when listening to the exercise brief just before it (so, bullet one with indents, then bullet two with indents etc)… they will want your notes later for reading, the more structured you seem the better!

  • take leadership from the get-go without looking like you want to take over: there will probably be 4 of you, so say politely “ok, there are 4 of us and 4 sections to study, therefore it seems logical that one of each of us should tackle one area then prsent back the chosen solution to the group and say why… perhaps we can spend 10 minutes reading the solutions to ourselves quitely and the final 20 minutes discussing our solutions… could somebody please be the timekeeper and let us know when 10 minutes are up?.. perhaps somebody else could be the whiteboard scribe when we are jotting down our proposed solutions?”

  • be painfully nice

  • try to remember peoples names and address them by their name, but don’t worry if you can’t remember, that won’t be the make or break.

  1. 1-1 interview - don’t get stressed, you are nearly there at this point. Some basic competency questions (when dealt with difficult situation…) and why accenture (global brand, best technology company), what do you want out of this role (develop a great business orientation, become respected and known within the organisation and promoted to consultant in 2-3 yrs). They also ask you to explain why you chose the solutions you did in the group exercise. Again, stay cool and collected, say something clearly and soundly, if you are mature and intelligent then something will pop into your head to say.


This is really useful insight on the Accenture process. Thanks very much for sharing here!


Hi! Thank you for this post, it is very helpful! I have an AC next week (anyone else going next week?) and I am trying to get my head around the various tasks. Any further information is appreciated! Just wondering in terms of the order of events and relevance, does the group exercise happen first? Is the 1:1 interview then based on this proposal or more on what you wrote during the analytical exercise? Or does the solo analytical thought exercise not come into it and is marked separately? :slight_smile:


Much appreciated!


Thank you greatly!


Can anyone share their analytical thought process? I have an AC on 8th July.

Is anyone attending the same.


Hi, how did it go? Would you be able to share your experience please?


I think it’s worth pointing out that it probably depends a lot on your interviewer. I was told throughout the day that the interview was fine and would be the easiest part, but actually found it incredibly difficult. They really push on your reasons for choosing the solutions and for additional information and I’m not sure whether it was partly a ‘stress test’ but I did think the sort of things they asked me required a lot more prior knowledge and experience than I possess, so I think be prepared that there could be some questions that push you out of your comfort zone. I imagine they just want to see how you think and don’t expert perfect, consultant level answers, however I haven’t had my outcome yet so I could have failed miserably. Otherwise there isn’t too much to say that hasn’t already been said!


Thanks a lot for the info!

Was there any background knowledge that helped you out with the group exercise at all, or was everything that you needed provided in the data and information you were given? Or did the case studies on the website for example prove useful to help you get a better understanding of appropriate solutions? Just wondering so I can make sure I go through as many as I can.

Also what start dates are you all applying to? I’m looking to apply for their April 2016 intake, so hoping they haven’t filled places up yet as I heard they’ve been recruiting since the start of the year.