Accenture Assessment Centre 2015 (need your help)


Hi everyone,
I have my Assessment centre (graduate programme 2015) very soon, it would be great if someone who has done it “recently” help me out here.
I have read in forums that the group activity will be followed by a ‘project planning’ exercise for 15min. However, on Accenture’s careers website says the group exercise is followed by ‘Analytical Though process’ exercise for 25mins.
I was wondering if someone could tell me what was the exercise that you did after the group discussion please? maybe the forums i have read are outdated and it has changed recently.

Thank you in advance


I assume you have now had your assessment centre. Would you mind clarifying what the 25 Analytical thought process exercise was. Do you have any other advice?


Hi sammanu, congrats on getting through to the assessment centre! Im in the process of applying at the mo, I wanted to know if you submitted a cover letter since its optional and how the tests were?

Many thanks



I noticed that you recently went to the AC for Accenture and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about it- the tasks you had to do, questions you were asked, etc. I have mine in 5 days and I’m trying to prepare as much as I can.

Thanks in advance


Hi ioanis_moraru, just wondering if you happened to submit a cover a letter in your application. Trying to decide whether it will strengthen my application. Also how were the tests? Well done for getting through to the AC too!




Can you please help with explaining the analytic exercise?


analytic exercise: all of your group (around 12) will be sitting at a table in the same room - but you will all do the exercise independently and without help from anyone.
You have 25 minutes to answer (bullet points) 5 questions: a timer will be placed in front of you.
They give you a booklet with lots of info (graphs, surveys, text) - you need to be able to answer the 5 questions based on this information.

  • in normal circumstances, this is easy, anyone could do this - what they want to see is if you can deal with the time pressure and pressure of being surrounded by other people who are writing away, and still come out with some sort of credible answer. I came out of this feeling very unhappy with the answers I wrote as it was rushed, but I still got an offer, so the answers don’t need to be amazing (perhaps not possible under the time pressure) - just make them credible and to the point of the data given. If you write nothing at all for one or two answers, I imagine this is a problem, as this will make it look like you can’t think/act fast…

Hi everyone

I got an invitation to complete a digital interview for the Accenture Graduate Programme where I have to record my answers to pre-set questions. Anyone know what this consists of?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi there :slight_smile: Thanks for the detailed information. I have an AC next week. Just wondering whether the analytic exercise follows the same case study as the group exercise or is it a totally different subject? And which bit is used for the 1:1 interview discussion? Also, if anyone has completed an AC this year could they indicate roughly what sort of questions they were asked in the interview - competencies, motivation and case study - and what the case studies were like in terms of difficulty and how much maths involved? Many thanks and have a lovely weekend :slight_smile: