Accenture Assessment Centre 13th June 2013


Hi everyone I have been invited to the Accenture Assessment Centre for the April 2014 intake (Graduate Consulting).
It will be very good to know someone else before Thursday, In any case I will share my experience afterwards…good luck to you all!


Hi Massimilianogo,
I have my phone interview coming up soon. I was also notified that they were recruiting for the April 2014 intake.
Could I ask you how your phone interview went, what sort of questions you were asked in terms of comptencies and case study?
Thanks a lot and good luck for the AC!


Hey you guys!
Very glad that there is such a discussion organised here!
It’s definately a good idea to know someone before 13th.
Kaikai12, i hope you’ll pass the interview - there is nothing difficult there if you’ve done enough research about Accenture.
I am applying for Placements, so i guess that i will be the only undergraduate amongs you :slight_smile:


Hi! my apologies for not having answered, I have been away from London this weekend… I’ll post tomorrow night about my phone interview


Tonight (sorry I am writing with my phone)


Hello Pavlove1993 - I was hoping to get some insights as to what the case was about. I am pretty confident about the rest of the interview, it’s just that I have never worked on a case study.


i know that the case study can change, but the framework will hopefully stay… here is what i found! Hope it helps!

The case study is pretty straight forward. There is usually one similar question ( basically a sentance or two, e.g. A company is experiencing problems with staff motivation and has out of date technology. How can accenture help? ) here you have to show the inteviewer your problem solving abilities; So, here, you need to ask some additional questions, the ones that you think are appropriate and would help you to find a solution. A usual way to approach such a problem is to identify the main problems such as motivation ( here you can ask questions such as How often is training carried out? ) similarly, on the technology part you can speak about any Enterprise System (ES) that you are aware of, such as SAP and Oracla + Cloud computing etc. and find solution and implemetation ways.

Another question that you are unlikely, but might get is a question called a “Parade of facts” - here you will be read a lot of information and facts (some more relavent to others) and will be asked to find solution to a problem. The info will be read twice and you can ask to repeat some parts. Nothing difficult again, just listen carefully.

Finally, there is a “back of an envelope” question, such as : “how many dry cleaners are there in the UK?”. This is more of an american style of an interview, so you shouldnt get it anyway. But if you do, just show reasnable thinking about the population size, number of counties etc ( you can actually ask interviewer whether he/she has any information to give you, such as population size!)


For those of you asking about the phone interview it followed the format outlined in the email so read it carefully!

In the first part you are going to talk about your motivation in joining the company and having a career in consulting, it follows a 15/20 min competency based interview and finally a case study.

My case study followed the structure described by pavlove in her 2nd paragraph, you are presented a situation and have to outline the problems and possible solutions. Finally I didn’t have any “Parade of facts” or “back of an envelope” type of questions, just a very enjoyable 10 min chat with my senior manager interviewee. The tones are very relaxed and I found them to be very prepared since they already knew anything that was on my CV.

Hope it helps!


I have an assessment center with Accenture next week. Can anyone please write their experience and ways I could prepare for it.


Hi everyone,

I have finished my telephone interview for Graduate Software Engineer role. I am not sure with the start date of this role, please share know if anyone know the start date.


Hello guys I have an assessment centre next week, Could anyone write their experience? I would really appreciate!!! Thank you !!


Hello priyanka34533,
Could you please tell what sort of question did they ask you in your telephonic interview?


Hi Guys,

I just attended a telephone interview with Accenture.
Any clue as to within what time span they let us know the results?

Many Thanks.


I have my assessment centre on 2nd October…Do you have your assessment on the same day as mine?


Hi himanchu,

Have you heard of Accenture yet?
My AC wil be on the 16th and I wanted to have a little feedback from those who already did it. In particular, this “project plan” exercise doesn’t sound really clear to me. Would someone be able to give more details about it ?
Thanks in advance !


Hi everyone,

My AC is on the 21st, but for september 2014 intake. Any details on the case study and project plan would be much appreciated.

Anyone with offers yet?


i’ve got one on 21st too - check your private messages sp3709.


i’ve got one on 21st too - check your private messages sp3709.


Hi guys!

I have a couple of questions about Accenture’s grad programme. Does anyone know roughly how many candidates are put on the Technology Consulting stream and Management Consulting stream?

How many intakes does Accenture have in a year? Are there a similar number of grads for each intake? Or would the one in Oct be the largest?

In terms of the training, is it 2 weeks in either Bangalore or Chicago? Is the location chosen at random? Or does it alternate, e.g. October, grads train in Bangalore, the next intake in January lets say- the grads train in Chicago. Or is depending on what stream you have been aligned to?

Sorry for the 21 questions!

I would greatly appreciate your help! Cheers. x


Hi I have my AC on Friday. Can some one who has been to it, give me some suggestions on how to get through it ?