Accenture Assesment Centre on the 24th of May



is anyone attending the Assesmen Centre for ACG on the 24th of May in London. afternoon slots. It will be brilliant to get in touch beforehand


Hi there! I have my interview the same day at the same time. how is the prep going for you? :slight_smile:


Hi there, I have an AC booked for tomo afternoon at 1:30, London office! Have been preparing for the past 3 days! Amazing how helpful this site is for advice!
Great to introduce ourselves to each other beforehand, and I like how we’re not in competition with each other for a set a mount of openings - theyll take all of us if we’re good!



All the very best. I hope you will come back and give us some real insight on what it was like.


Hi! Thanks for the wishes! Are you not attending tomorrow anymore? Did you change your date with them?


I am not attending today. , mine would be first week of June. Do let me know how it went. All the very best. You will be great.


Hi there. yeah i’m in at 1.30 too. Feeling the nerves a bit now. This site has been great. Theres not a whole lot u can do to prepare. I’ve been focusing on the 1 on 1 interview and the case study. Hope you do really well.


How was the interview for all of you? Was your case study based on wine company? How did you find the in-tray and group exercise? Any insight and tips will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.