Accenture application form


Hi everyone,

Is anyone else having problems with the Accenture application form, with it deleting the paragraphs/line breaks you include? When I view the summary page of my application, the online system deleted any paragraphs I had and each of my answers look like one huge mass of text! Anyone else experienced this problem?


Not as of yet… Still in the process of filling out my answers. As its a summary it sounds about right it would appear that way, however when they open it it should revert back to how it was. Did you go anywhere near the 3000 charactor limit for your answers??


Oops - forgot to update this post! I didn’t exceed the character limit and I got an email the next day inviting me for a first round interview, so there was no need for me to worry. Good luck with your application!


Hey guys any pointers for ‘Why Accenture’ ? 3000 characters are a lot to fill up!! :s



Scintillating, That varies from person to person. But a good start would be to give three-four good reasons, one from personal perspective, one from professional, one from company’s and the last about your interest in consulting.
Good luck!


How did you hear about us?*


How did you hear about us?*
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