Accenture ACG Programme



Hi guys!

I have a couple of questions about Accenture’s grad programme. Does anyone know roughly how many candidates are put on the Technology Consulting stream and Management Consulting stream?

How many intakes does Accenture have in a year? Are there a similar number of grads for each intake? Or would the one in Oct be the largest?

In terms of the training, is it 2 weeks in either Bangalore or Chicago? Is the location chosen at random? Or does it alternate, e.g. October, grads train in Bangalore, the next intake in January lets say- the grads train in Chicago. Or is depending on what stream you have been aligned to?

Sorry for the 21 questions!

I would greatly appreciate your help! Cheers. x


Hi there,

As for your first question, the answer is that about 60% of the intake go into technology consulting and the remaining 40% get management consulting aligned. Also, there are about 3-4% that go into the strategy consulting area.

Intakes a year are probably around the 400 mark I’d say, although there is a larger intake recently due to the increased demand. Not sure about the differences in intake numbers but Oct is the main one I guess.

Training: Tech consulting grads go to Bangalore for 2 weeks and Management consulting grads go to Chicago. This is after 3 weeks training in London.

I have recently been offered a place for the ACG Jan 2014 intake and this is my knowledge that I’ve gathered from the recruitment process… hope it helps!



Hi Sisi,

I heard back from them within 2 days, which was extremely quick. I know others who waited for about 2 weeks.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Hi SissiR,

I received an offer in September last year for a start date of September, 2014 on the ACG programme. Is this the same situation as you?


Hi SissiR,

I received an offer in September last year for a start date of September, 2014 on the ACG programme. Is this the same situation as you?


Hey guys, does anyone have their Assessment centre this coming Monday (20th). I’m in the 1:30-5:00 slot, if anyone wants to meet up beforehand just drop me a message.

For those who have complete their assessment centre; any pointers or general tips? I’m just revising content from their website, random case studies and their services, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Hi LPB21,

General tips I would say are:
take the lead in the team exercise if possible but listen to others and make joint decisions.
Read up on numerous case studies that accenture has done and bring these up if they are relevant in the team exercise.
When given the case study take notes of the key facts of the case and where problems may be apparent.
Be confident in what you are saying and TALK, remember that they cannot assess you if you are quiet throughout and chip in occasionally.


Any offer holders for October 2014? Message me.


Well done Ellie for getting through. My assessment centre is Thursday have you got any tips what to prepare and how best to approach the group and planning exercise? Thanks Andrew


Hi Guys

What kind of case studies did you get? I understand you can really prepare for it apart from acn case studies as solutions are given on the day. Really stressing out here:(


Hi All - congrats to all those who have received offers. Is anyone in the October start group?


Hi Luke,

I’m supposed to be in the September start group but have been told there’s a likelihood I could be moved to October depending on numbers.


Hi all,

I have my AC on March 6th (the morning session). As you all have had your AC’s recently, I was wondering if you could provide some details on the different tasks of the day - specifically the case study and group project - and any tips you may have?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Guys,

I am in the same position as catherine.wilkinson329 (good luck by the way!).
I am just waiting for the AC on March the 3rd (morning). Was anyone invited for the same session?
I would also appreciate any sort of useful advice.



Thanks for all the advice guys, my AC is on Tuesday the 4th of March, will anyone else be on that one?


Anyone has their AC on 31st of March?