Accenture ACG Assessment Centre, May 2011, London


Hi, I had my Accenture assessment centre recently, and received an ACG offer this afternoon. These forums were a fantastic help in preparing, so I thought I’d pay it forward and add my experience of the process.

The in-tray exercise is the first part of the day, and probably the hardest to prepare for. Use the sample provided on the accenture website, it’s very similar. The trick with this part is to ignore all the graphs and charts and other filler, and focus on the information given. Be sure to be conscious of the dates, and the date you have to write the follow up memorandum- there is a trick part regarding staff who want to take 2 weeks off, which most people put down as a project delivery issue. However, the dates they take their vacation on has come and gone, so this will not effect delivery. Also, remember that a number of the issues have financial AND project delivery applications. I felt I did pretty poorly in this exercise, but I still got an offer, so if the in tray goes badly for you, don’t let it distract you from the rest of the day- the case study and group exercise are King.

The case study is the wine company one mentioned in all the previous posts, it never changes. Your answer should identify the following three problems- the IT infrastructure in not fit for purpose, the supply chain in inefficient, and worker morale is low. From the accenture case studies on the website, come up with specific Accenture solutions to these problems, referencing reports and/or technologies previously developed by accenture to stand out. Also, focus on the long term implications of the of your recommendations- e.g. the CEO is not be happy to spend a load on a new IT system, staff may be unhappy with the outsourcing loss of jobs, ect. The interviewer will press you as to which you think is the most important recommendation, and why. As long as you can justify your recommendations, you’ll be fine. Don’t get distracted by the red herring news reports on competitors, marketing and web site prizes included in the info pack. The object here is to identify and solve the problems that ACCENTURE can fix (and bill for), not the company’s problems in general.

For the group exercise, my group had to design a government programme to encourage inner city kids to achieve- called “Next Top Role Model”. You have to decide how the programme will be advertised, funded and marketed, how the role models will be chosen, and the timeline for the project After 30 mins, each member of the group will have to present on one aspect of the programme for 30 seconds. Again, the object is to link this in with ACCENTURE- you’re not applying for a job with the government. Make technology a central part of your programme. Also- Accenture is a company where new ideas pay the bills, Try and be the idea man in your group- throw out as many suggestions as possible, and try and make them unique. You’ll have had some time to talk to the other candidates during the 15 break- try and get to know every potential team member during this break- this will remove the initial awkwardness when you start the group exercise.

The final one-on-one is very brief, the interviewer asks about your day, why consultancy and why accenture. Think of constructive criticisms of your performance in a limited (and essentially unimportant) section. I said that I found the in-try challenging, since it was so different from other psychometric tests. This demonstrates that I can identify weaknesses in my performance, but ultimately, who cares- I’m not going to be doing In-Tray’s in my real job. Don’t say you found the group exercise frustrating- the interviewer may think that you’re not a team player, which is a critically important trait in consultants.

I hope this is of some help- best of luck to everyone.


Congratulations - when do you start?


1st of August.


this is brilliant. thankyou so much x


Junior Consultant Role

  1. Why Accenture? What’s the diff. between competitors and Accenture? Why consultancy? How can technology help Accenture?

  2. Competency Question

-Adapting 2 a situation
-Difficult team member
-Innovative Solution


Hi Patrick!

When you chose your start date, was it entirely your preference or you were restricted to some level by the availability of start dates?

Do you remember which months were not completely filled?

Had you expressed a preference for specific alignment?



I expressed a preference, and I was lucky that there was an opening at that time. I’ve spoken to spoken to some of the people from my assessment group, and none of them are starting before the 1st of Feburary 2012. I didn’t express a preference on specific alignment, I wasn’t fussy!


How long after the AC did you receive the offer?


Two days.


Hi Patrick, congrats mate!

I have an Accenture AC coming up, for the interview, what sorts of things should I focus on?


Hi guys,

Can you please help me with this scenario? I gave my first round of ACG interview on last friday and havent heard from ACN yet. I understand that the waiting period is 5-10 days. However, this friend of mine gave the first interview same time and he has got an email that he’s been successful. Does this mean I havent been successful? :-/


They are quite busy at the moment, but what ever decision they make is out of your control at this point in time, don’t waste your time worrying just take a pro-active step and contact them.


Hi there guys,

Firstly many thanks to the OP for sharing their experience and giving the rest of us some extra (and much needed) help.

I have an assessment center as for the Analyst role on July 27th @ 5pm. I was told at my last interview that Accenture have dramatically changed their graduate program, you no longer need to wait 2-3 years to get aligned to your preferred area and can actually specify if you want to (for example) go into technology. Did anyone else hear this?


Anyone got an Assessment Center this week? If so, how are you preparing?


Hi guys…I have my AC on 18 July. Not sure how to prepare, still figuring out. Please help me out. How you guys are doing. Please update here…


I wouldn’t worry too much business edge. I waited 6 business days after my Monday 1st round interview to get my good news while a friend of mine who interviewed on a Friday found out the Monday afterwards. I feel like HR has hiring cycles and depending where you fall you find out sooner or later than others.

I have my Assessment Centre in a week, any more advice on this in-tray exercise? I’m still a bit confused on the e mail portion. Are we basically supposed to draft an email to our team lead with our proposed actions to some of the more important issues we identify in the first section? Or is there more too it?


Anyone have an assessment center on July 27th?


Anyone can help on how to answer those question in the application form

1 In what ways does Accenture use technology to help its clients improve their business?
2. Describe what your day to day tasks and activities might be as an Analyst on a
project. Please provide a concise bullet point list of the key activities. what ways does Accenture use technology to help its clients improve their business


Hi everyone…
Has anyone form 18th July Assessment Centre got a call for an offer?
I am a bit freake dout now as most of the offers are given the very nect day!!


Hi Bilal,
Have you received a call from Accenture as yet?