Accenture ACG Assessment Centre - 8th April (Am)


Hey guys, I am having a 2nd round AC with Accenture on the 8th of April (9:30am) , is there anyone else also going to this AC please let me know as teamwork is really important in assessment centres!


Hello SweetBox, am also scheduled to be in same AC.


Hey NHN,

Good luck on your AC!. I’ll be having the interview next week, wanted to ask you if you still remember anything about the case study form the interview? what it was about? I have never done case studies so i’m a little reluctant in how to handle the situation… plus my interview is over the phone so even more challenging. Any info will be very appreciated


Yeah bluemoon1987…mine was a short paragragh of abt 5 lines. It was about a fashion retailer that has seriou IT cost problems and has been losing market share to another competitor who has used an aggressive CRM mechanism. And I was asked to name 3 issues the company was facing and give possible solutions of how to tackle it.

Honestly before I applied to Accenture, I didn’t even know what a case study was. I think reading alot of the work Accenture has done, which is on their website did help alot.

I’ll suggest u look up sample case studies on their website under the following topics;
-Performance mgmt
-IT outsourcing
-Business Processes, etc

The above will help u to structure your thoughts process.


hey NHN, it’s nice to know that we will be in the same group! How is your preparation going? There is a practice case study on the accenture Website which i thought was very helpful in terms of knowing what’s the case study like in the 2nd interview but I’m really scared of the in tray excise! People have been saying that the time is pretty tight in this excise and I can’t find anything similar to practice!


Thank you NHN :slight_smile:


Hey SweetBox, How is ur preparation going? With regards to the In-tray exercise, I’ve never done any, but I have been advised that For this; you have to think how to best group-up all the common themes or segments that come from these different sources and articulating them in a succinct, clear manner that anyone can understand.
One should assume that the other person doesn’t know anything, so provide context behind the emails.


Hi NHN, yeah, I think you are right, I’ve also been told that its very important to prioritise since it’s virtually impossible to finish all the tasks! I was just given this link to practice, hopefully this will be helpful to you too:)


thanks sweetbox, how is ur preparation going? just A quick question…how are we gonna recognised each other on the ACG day??


hey, yeah, thats a good point actually! should we add each other on facebook? ive been doing some case study exercises but they all seem different from the one on accenture’s website!


Hey everyone,
Just a quick question, were you assigned a buddy already? I read in previous threads that we’ll have a buddy before the AC, I was wandering if you have one.


Yeah I was assigned one, and he’s been in touch.

what about you sweetbox, have u been in touch with ur buddy?


yeah that’s a great idea.


yes, i was assigned one as well, NHN has your buddy been helpful?? mine hasn’t replied to my email yet…PM me your name so i can add you on fb:)


Hmm thats so strange I guess I should contact them and ask about it :slight_smile:


Hey guys…

I see that you all have AC tomorrow… and probably sleeping now… Good luck for tomorrow…

I am invited for AC but no date yet. Could you please share your experience in detail.

Thank you so much.


Hi All!
I have my final round assessment center for the ACG group coming up on this 19th. If anyone reading this series of threads find this, please contact me as it would then help us to learn a bit more about each other before meeting on the 19th and would also aid us in the group exercises. Thanks a lot.



Hi Suroschwartz, When did u attend 1st interview