Accenture ACG Assessment Centre - 28th February 2011


Hello Everyone,

I have confirmed my AC (2nd Round) for the ACG at Accenture for later this month 28th. I will like to reach out to anyone in any of these forums that will be attending the same slot for 28th in the morning, I don’t want to assume that I am the only person for that day, lol…

It will be a really great and interesting if we can get to know a little bit of each other well in advance, moreover it is more of a team performance at the group discussion exercise besides I know it will be worth it if we can get to know one another a little in advance.

Kindly get in touch via a private wikijob message or simply click the reply button on this thread.

Hoping someone does read this and get across too.



Hi Mohuru,

I just needed some help regarding the initial competencies on the application, if you dont mind would you be able to email them to me as I want to compare them with mine before I submit them tomorrow if thats ok with you, would really appreciate it,




Hey Mohuru

Please could you share your experience at Accenture AC. I am invited for AC and I am too nervous as it is my first.

Thank you.


Hey dream job, when is your AC?
Mine is on the 6th of April.


Have not got the date for AC yet… How long was your prep time for AC?


erm, I found out and scheduled my AC on weds 30th of March . so a week prep time. i thoght it was better to get it out the way as soon as possible as they recruit on a rolling basis.


Hey Crush…

Wish you all the best… and share with us your experience… I saw in one of the wikijob posts that someone was starting 16th May with Accenture… Good luck again!!


Thanks dreamjob!