Accenture ACG assessment centre 26 March 2012


As has been often done before, it would be a good idea to know each other before the assessment centre next Monday. Let’s hope we can find everyone!


Well you found one person. maybe not everyone! haha


Haha that still exceeds my expectations. How’s the preparation going?


HMMMM, not sure what to prep really, problem with such a huge company is there are sooo many case studies. how about you?


well yeah lots really. and my problem is i keep on mixing them up
i was going through some of my career motivation and competency questions. don’t know how to prepare for the group exercise or the in-tray…any ideas?
are u travelling from far tomorrow?


…today i mean


I live in london, so no not far to go.
Mine is at 9am, you the same? Was just about to go to sleep.
Was going to text you but your number disappeared.
In-tray. Look on their website at the exapmple, and don’t need to prepare for the group one…


I’ve just seen this on here, and i was in the ac this morning.
how did it all go with you guys? how did the 1v1 go?


Hey. Did anyone got made an offer? My 1v1 went good…


Hi, I got an offer yesterday. Have you heard back from them yet?


Congratulations! Which one were you? I got one too the next day…


congratulations too! what do you mean? i was in the AC in the morning and havent been told if its MC or TC yet. how about you?


Thanks! How do you find out if it is MC or TC? Does the guy say over the phone. I think he said MC for me, but I’m having second thoughts now…did you get the contract/emails yet?


i was told on the phone that it is revealed a few months before you start. when is your start date for?
yes ive got all the contracts/emails so going to accept and return today


ahh i remember being told that too. so you start in feb next year as well?


yes feb 2013. looking forward to it. just waiting on all of the references/ etc to be completed first. are you in university at the moment or have you graduated already?


Congrats everyone… that’s amazing! :slight_smile:

I have my AC in 2 weeks and am already super nervous… :S

Can anyone please help me a bit?
What questions did they ask in the interview at the end?
What was the individual/teamwork case study about?

I would really appreciate every hint.

Thanks a lot


Hi guys… I have an AC interview with Accenture next tuesday… (21-08-2012) can anyone of you share any of your recent assessment centre experiences and suggest some inputs or the case study details… any help would be greatly appreciated… :slight_smile:


Hey prats I see that you had your AC a week ago. Could please tell me how was the group exercise and the project planning exercise? I have my AC 2 days from now so it would really help me:) Hope you did well! Cheers!


Heyy… Yeah I had my AC a week ago and unfortunately I couldn’t get through… They have changed the AC pattern now so I am sure this post would be of a lot of help to you… You will be given one case study… I got one on a Post merger situation of a traditional UK bank with. A new more technical Bank and u will have a group case study… In which we are asked to discuss the strategy, process, people and technology for the new merged bank… After that we had an individual proposal planning exercise in which we were asked to prepare a plan based on a 12 month timeline and the kind of risks that might come on the way… This was followed by a personal interview in which the manager asked questions based on the plan which I made… Followed by questions on why Accenture? What analysts do? … The whole exercise is centered around one case study so adopt a single strategy and justify that till the end… Its very competitive and I still don’t know why I didn’t get through as my interview went reasonably well… Anyway the point is be confident, smile, back up your decisions and focus on the role of technology in your solutions to any issue … Accenture is largely a tech consultancy and they expect u know what they do… So read up their case studies on the website… Read a little about SAP and cloud… I hope this helps and u crack the AC… Let me know what happens… :slight_smile: cheers.