Accenture ACG - AC 4th March 2013?


I have just been informed that my AC will be on 4th March, which left me only 3 days for preparation!
This is my first ever AC, quite nervous and I don’t have any clue so far…
I am wondering if anyone is going to the same AC as I do? As I have read about a lot of threads saying that team work is the key to success…
I believe it would be a good idea to meet people before we go?

BTW, does Accenture still do in-tray excises nowadays?


Hi, I found out today that my assessment center is on the 5th! Looking back from previous posts I’m going to research case studies and try and find out some tips! I’ve e-mailed my buddy that I was assigned too but no reply yet!



Same here! Good luck on the AC


Hi guys im just applying now and wanted to ask did you all write and include a covering letter with your applications? Also did you guys originally apply recently? Thanks for any info!



My Assessment Centre is on 5th March 2013 at 13:30. I just wanted to reply to you so we could share our information or any useful hints and tips for the interview to try and help each other out a bit?



Hi Manni1001 I don’t recall writing a covering letter, however if you have the option to upload one I think it would be good! I applied and then 2 days later I had a phone call organising a telephone interview, a week later I had the telephone interview and then I got a phone call 2 days after for the AC :)! So it is quite a fast process


Hi Sevensin

I hope your AC goes well. Would you be able to write a small summary of what you did on the day citing the examples of the case study questions and the questions that were asked of you? as CT and myself have our AC tomorrow. It would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks and good luck



Thanks CT13!

Im currently finishing my application but having trouble with this one question:
"Describe what your day to day tasks and activities might be as an Analyst on a project!

Any tips or pointers anyone can give? Just how detailed should I get?


Hey guys! How were your AC? What case study did you have for the group exercise?