Accenture ACG 2nd round interview 31st May 2011


Is anybody scheduled to attend the assessment centre for ACG on the 31st of May 2011 in the morning session (9am)? If yes, please get in touch, it would be nice to know each other before the assessment.

Good luck to everyone!


yes I am!! I’m so nervous about it!!! I want this job so much!

best of luck to everyone x


I am too! Nerves definately kicking in now!

Good luck :slight_smile: x


Looks like it going to be three of us.


Hi guys,
Congrats for making it to the 2nd round.
I just heard that I was succesful in my 1st round and waiting for the 2nd round to be scheduled.
Can you please share some knowledge on the In tray exercise?
How to prepare and where to find the examples?



Hi Topcon,

Can you please help me with this scenario? I gave my first round of ACG interview on last friday and havent heard from ACN yet. I understand that the waiting period is 5-10 days. However, this friend of mine gave the first interview same time and he has got an email that he’s been successful. Does this mean I havent been successful? :-/