Accenture ACG 1st Round Telephone Interview


Hi all, i am going to have Accenture 1st round telephone interview next week. Anyone could share what exactly the questions you were asked?

Below is what I find out about the competency part…What about the case and other aspects? Really appreciate it.

  • Why did you pick your degree subject at your university?

  • Why consulting? (Just answer honestly, there’s no point making stuff up, but be passionate about it! If you don’t want to go into consulting then you probably won’t be at the interview anyway!)

  • Why Accenture? (What makes it different from its competitors? Could be anything from technology focus to variety of projects / team members etc. etc.)

  • Can you name Accenture’s main competitors? (I separated them into Strategy and Technology and named a couple from each. They didn’t ask for any details or any more information about them – just to name them)

  • Do you know of any projects Accenture has worked on? (These can be found both on the main and on the career’s websites. I chose to learn 2 from the main website as they are described in more detail and I didn’t want to have the same examples as everyone else. After I gave one example he asked for a second one, so be ready for this!)

  • How would technology be used to help a client? (This was probably one of the questions I found more difficult, but if you research it enough for the application form you can just use this! Just make sure you don’t drop in any terms without knowing what they mean, because they could catch you out!)

  • Can you name an example of this technology? (I used SAP as an example but there are a few e.g. SAP, Oracle etc.)

  • After this it was just the usual competency questions, which are easy if you’ve prepared! (e.g. teamwork (lots of questions about this!), leadership, flexibility, biggest achievement, problem solving etc etc. They only asked for one example for each question but as with all competency-based interviews try to use a variety of examples and go for the cause, action, result approach, and be sure to emphasise YOUR role, not just we did this and we did that.


any help on this? thanks


Well, although no one replied to the subject, but still I want to thank those who have contributed in other panels, so I am sharing my tele interview experience with you all.

  • IMPORTANT, read through your invitation email, and the questions coverage are pretty much the same as what they told u in the email.

  • The interview was structured into three parts:-

  1. Motivation to apply for Accenture:
  • Why your university
  • Why consulting
  • Why Accenture
  • What are Accenture’s competitors
  • How Accenture differentiate itself from its competitors
  • Name three of Accenture’s projects
  1. Competency based questions (I dont remember exactly what she asked, but more or less the same as follows)
  • Tell me a time when you adapt your way of doing things into the new environment
  • Tell me a time when you work well with a team
  • Tell me a time when you lead a team and what did you do to achieve the goal
  • Tell me a time when you challenge the existing practice and find a new way of doing things
  1. Mini case study
  • Roughly, the case was about a water supply company was experiencing client complaints for its delayed service. You have to identify three issues after the interviewer read the case to you. And also asked you for suggested solutions, and how those solutions will impact the company…(interviewer would read the case twice and you could ask her/him to repeat if you did not catch all the details.)

Basically, I think the interviewer was very nice and not very tough. She also gave me the chance to ask qs at the end of the interview and she shared a lot of her actual work experience at Accenture (btw, she is a SM, not HR).

Hope the above will be useful for some of you~

Wish me best luck!

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I was wondering whether any of you guys got through to the assessment centre and whether you could give me any idea of the case studies or questions asked?



@lovelondon this is so helpful!!

Thanks. I would share mine experience after Thursday.


Guys, i would really appreciate any links for the case studies mentioned above, or any material to prepare for those case studies :slight_smile: Martin, good luck for an interview, hope it goes well!


Oh yeah :] thanks Taha2012. Just had my telephone interview 10 minutes ago… I had the most chilled recruiter ever!

They gave me only like 6-7 questions in total finished in 17 minutes and the case study was just imagine that 2 companies are merging, one from UK one from Europe. How Accenture could help?

Good luck everyone!


Thanks so much for this lovelondon and MartinNikolaev! I have a phone interview this week so this is very helpful! Good luck on the next stage!


Hope you made it through Martin. Katarina90, how are you preparing for the casestudy? any tips?


I found this and looking at case studies on the websites it has links to (BCG, Bain and McKinsey links work) .
Saying that, I’ve been looking for a while and don’t feel very confident but think they just want you to think logically so i’m going with that!
(won’t let me post link) try consultancylinks . com and find the link at the top to case study interviews


Katarina90, thank you lots! I am pretty sure your logic will not let you down:)! good luck!!! thank you for comments, very useful…


Just had mine a few hours ago and it went ok. My advice would be not to expect certain competency questions, there’ll probably be a load they can pick and chose from.

Mine were things like working in a new team, working with uncertain parameters, something that threw you off and then how you reacted to it and went to achieve excellence.

The case study would have been easier had I prepared better, but basically the company has a long list of problems for you to identify and then make suggestions on how to best get around them. You also have to come up with a quick fix that’ll cost the company little time, money and effort.

Good luck!



Anyone preparing for AC?

I have mine tomorrow. I am more than happy to share my experience both with phone interview and AC afterwards. Just send me a message (either forum or private) and I will reply.

Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:


I had my first telephone interview and the question asked were typical hr interview questions. Could anyone please give me idea how to prepare for second interview which is face to face.



I applied for a Summer Vacation Scheme and have an interview next week, is the ACG phone interview the same as the ones for these summer vacation schemes

If so has anyone had theirs yet?



I have my phone interview on monday, can I ask what sorts of things they asked you? The case study? How long the interview was?

Many Thanks,



Hannah, I have my interview on monday, can you tell me how did yours go?


Hi lovelondon,

Did you apply for Graduate Software Engineer?



How long did it take for Accenture to get back to you after the 1st round phone interview?

I had my interview towards the end of November (Consulting Grad Scheme) and they still haven’t got back to me and I think they said they’d take no longer than 10 working days or something!! my online account just says for that job they’re no longer accepting job submissions?! worried :S



Thanx for sharing this important stuff…