Accenture AC March 25th


Did anybody on here go to the AC on March 25th? Heard anything back yet?


Hi! I was there, and they got back to me within 4hrs - so relief from any angsting over the weekend. How about you?


Buttonhole any chance of giving us a brief drescription of the day??


Hey buttonhole and sasicign

Please could you share your experience at the Accenture AC.

Thank you


My day was exactly as described in several other threads. i would be happy to answer any specific questions here or you can PM me.


Hi Sasicign

In one of the Accenture pages, case study is mentioned as a role-play. Is that how yours was? Can you mention in detail how the case study assessment was for you.

Also, I am worried about in-tray. I am not able to get my head around it from samples in website as well. Could you advise me on this as well.

My AC date is not fixed yet as I got the invite 2 days back.

Thank you for your guidance.


The case study was fairly straightforward. My interviewer asked me what the top three issues were. I explained what I thought the issues were. He challenged me on one point, but I backed myself up with facts from the case. I don’t think there are wrong points to choose, they just want to see how you react if you are challenged. He asked for more details on one of the points I had as well. He then asked me how I would solve the three issues. I proposed solutions for each issue. He then asked what I would do if the CEO didn’t agree with my proposed solutions. He then asked what I thought the CEO would be most worried about, and what the CEO should be most worried about.

If I were you I wouldn’t worry about the in-tray. There is no way to prepare for it, you just need to show time management skills. You will need to read the information provided, determine which actions need to be taken, and separate them by type. Remember to leave time to write the email on the back of the page.

Good luck!


Hi Sasicign

Thank you for the brief outline and the tip on in-tray (turn the page).

With respect to case study, how long was it… Is it as said in other threads in wikijob… 20pages? and Did it have graphs and financial figures as well? I am no good at finance… If you can tell me about it… I will brush up on some basic financial terms… So basically, they are looking for 3 problems and solutions and why they are problems and why these are the solutions… and some opposing thoughts from the interviewer which we have to contest… Does it mean the interviewer is not graduate recruiter but someone from the project itself? How was your Group discussion, did your team arrive at a conclusion in the end?

Also, if you remember, Can you roughly say the time spent on each activity… (in-tray… GD… case study)

Please feel free to share some tips and pointers from your experience.

Many thanks :slight_smile: