Accenture, 5 years time...


Hi there. I am rapidly approaching a 2nd round interview with Accenture and am just trying to question spot a little!

I am thinking that I might get asked about my career plans and where I see myself in 5 years time.

I was hoping someone might know what the progression is at Accenture and where graduate joiners find themselves after working with Accenture for 5 years.



These questions are usually fairly generic. Take a quick look at the experienced hires section of their website for specific examples of job descriptions. Otherwise it’ll be along the lines of “Work hard, get to know the business, get promoted internally/lead your own team”. It’s not so much about what you ACTUALLY want to do, they just want to see your committed long-term.


…from what I’ve heard most graduate find themselves working somewhere else after five years at Accenture!


Typical career path at accenture is:

Analyst - 2 years
Consultant - 3 years
Manager - 2/3 years
Senior Manager - 2/3 years
Senior Exec - ? years

Watch out for your start date as you can end up being an analyst for nearly 3 years if you start at the wrong time. Accenture make their main promotions in September each year, so if your a September starter than your pretty solid for a 2 year analyst career, if you start in January like I did, you end up hoping that they do a ‘special extra March promotion’ round, meaning you spend just over 2 years as an analyst, otherwise you’re waiting till your nearly 3 years old in the company to become a consultant.

Definitely recommend Accenture as a start to your career, top clients, good pay, fantastic people to work with. But you also have to give up alot personally - long hours, long commutes, and very delivery orientated. I’ve been with the company nearly 3 years now (promoted to Consultant this past March) and now looking to move on as they won’t allow me to transfer home office to Scotland - will miss the people the most!