Accenture 2nd Round, Case study


Hi everybody!

I’ve got a second round Accenture assessment centre coming up in 2 weeks and was hoping for some hints/tips…

I’ve had a look through the posts that are already on here, and many of them are very helpful, particularly “Accenture Beginning to End”.

However I was looking for a little more information about the case study section of the assessment centre. I have looked at the Accenture website in great detail, the practice case study on their website as well as a couple of others on other MC websites.

Can anyone who has attended the assessment centre in the past offer me more information on this section? Can you let me know the subject matter of your case study? Any feedback you received based on the solutions you offered? What kind of questions did the interviewer ask you?

Also I am curious as to how different the final part of the assessment day (1-on-1 interview) is from the 1st round interview. Is it more focussed on Accenture and technology rather than a competency based interview similar to the 1st round.

Finally does anyone know approximately how many/percentage of people who are successful at this stage. Or is it the case that they don’t have set targets?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, and thanks to all those who have contributed in other Forum Topics so far.



First up Ab, have you seen the [[accenture]] wiki interview profile itself? This has some of the info you are looking for.


I have indeed seen the Accenture Wiki Interview Profile. It’s good, but I was hoping for a little more expansion on the case study, and in particular the type of industry/company which it might cover and also the type of problems faced. As well as a little more information on the final interview. From the description it sounds fairly similar to the first round interview. I was wondering if it will follow on from the first round interview and whether I will be asked more about my answers to the questions in it.




Had second round yesterday. Quite straightforward. Had a small paragraph (1/3 of a page) about a supermarket chain with supply/demand issues and I had to give 3 ways to identify and improve their problems. It was over in 5 minutes. You don’t need any prior industry knowledge - just read about what Accenture offers first and use your common sense. I.e. I said you could:

  • Communication problems
  • Think of streamlining their IT operations/supply chain with Enterprise Solutions e.g. SAP
  • Look at competition: what are they doing better? Is oversupply a problem because prices are too high/not enough marketing?

I was super tired and thought I did OK and not great, but they called me on the same day to book for the assessment center next week.