Accenture-2015 Client Delivery Graduate Program-Assessment centre-Aptitude test


Hello, is there anyone going to 2015 Client Delivery Graduate Program- Assessment centre soon?
Or anyone has done assessment centre already?
Any idea about what is the “Aptitude Test” ? Verbal? Numerical? Situational Judgement Test?
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Hi there

I think you’ll find each of these discussion threads very useful:

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hi there, im having the assessment centre tomorrow, and having the same concerns as you did! could you give me any hits on how was it like plz? based on the email they sent me it doesnt mention any aptitude tests but in their web site there is one… did you have that test then?

and how is the group excise like then? how many people were there in a group?

Many many thanks!!! hope you got the job too!!xx


Hi guys has anyone done a video interview recently post Dec 2015 and heard back from them? Did mine in early December and haven’t got anything back.