Academic Ranking of World Universities in Economics / Business - 2009


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P.S.: And the oscar goes tooo … Harvard University!!! Congratulations!!!


the methodology of generating that table relates only to alumni or teachers who have won the nobel prize in economics, the amount of journal articles written and the amount of times members of the university have been cited.

Not necessarily what I would consider the best measure of the quality of a university.


As soon as I saw that Oxford and Cambridge aren’t in top 10, I stopped reading. Enough said.


i think this is slightly biased towards US colleges


Oxford and Cambridge will get there once they stop being government institutions and become businesses like the US universities which made it high on the list.


UEA : )


Undoubtedly, Oxford and Cambridge are amongst the most prestigious universities in the world. However, they do not have the same level of ENDOWNMENT Harvard or the other Ivy leagues have. In 2007, Harvard’s endownment was bigger than any hedge fund in the world.

I personally would agree with the fact that the top Universities in the US have an edge over Oxford and Cambridge in terms of funding. The opportunties and scope provided to students in the US is unrivalled. I am speaking from personal experience as I am applying in the US for a Masters. Having had a close quarter experience at Cambridge, I think there is very little to choose between it and the top US universities.

However, Cambridge and Oxford need to start establishing funds otherwise the Ivy leagues will pull away!!!


Interesting thread!
i also have synonymous view w Einhorn.
This reminds me of Moody’s and its rating procedures; the more companies pay, the higher the rating hence more demand. i would question their legitimacy and credentials.



It is so IRONIC you mention Moody’s, my username symbolizes the battle between David Einhorn(Hedge Fund manager, Greenlight Capital, had a short position on Lehman Brothers in 2007) and Warren Buffet. Basically, Einhorn is shorting Moody’s ,questioning their crediability and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway has a 20% stake in Moody’s. I have ha dthe pleasure of exchanging emails with Einhorn, and I will tell you this guy is no smuck. Einhorn ruined Lehman and Allied Capital, given he is only 40 years old, he has the potential to really establish himself as one of the great investors in the world.

Personally, having finished my undergraduate in the UK, I would prefer to continue my future education in the US as at Masters and MBA level it is unrivalled in my opinion.


Thanks for the intriguing insight; btw how were u in touch with Einhorn!?! Out of interest, you’ve also mentioned in other posts that u’ve been offered jobs. is that for Grad roles?

Referring back to the original topic i’d much prefer the US college system as to European. Again, this is very subjective and having attended both US&European colleges (or uni as they would say) this is where i stand. Much to do with diversity in both student bodies AND offered courses. I find it easier to suggest radical and avant garde ideas vs. european professors seems more conservative. Not that Im an Ivy alumni but im assuming this is a common trait throughout.

Bottom line, i figured if one is unable to attend these prestigious colleges, he would have to attain and access equivalent resources on their own. If you are an ivy league, adequate resources are given plus theres the benefit of Ivy stamp in your resume- which apparently is a huge plus, albeit the above ranking clearly raises a question (how is Arizona State ranked higher than Cornell?!)



David Einhorn wrote a book called “Fooling some of The People all of the Time” last year. I read the book and was incaptuiated by the lucid analyis this man undertook. On his company’s website Greenlight Capital there was a general email address and I sent an email on it. The next day I first got an email from someone stating that he had forwarded my email to David and that he would reply to me personally. Subsequently, I received an email from Einhorn himself and he shared with me his advice on future careers within the industry.

Yes, I have offers for Grad Roles in IBD but I prefer the buy side. Hence, I am waiting to see how things on those front play out. I am also considering a Masters in order to establish my credientials for the buy side.

I recommend reading Einhorn’s book along with “The Greatest Trade Ever” by Grogory Zuckerman. The latter is based on the eye popping returns(600% in 2007) John Paulson(hedge fund manager) procured by betting against Subrprime Mortgage and is now a more followed investor than Warren Buffet according to CNBC and other leading commentators. After reading these books you would realize that Investment Bankers are not the mavericks of the financial industry and how the best in the industry are found in hedge funds. It will really open your eyes to the opportunties avaliable to you in the industry. I feel the medis overplays the bonuses of Bankers. Here is an interesting fact: In 2007 the top 25 hedge fund managers in 2007 had an average performance fee of $800million each just for 2007. The mystique surrounding hedge funds makes it difficult for journalists to write substantially on the matter. John Paulson in 2007( his hedge fund was $ 6 bn at the timegenerated more profit than Goldman Sachs a s whole did.

I am completely with you with regards to US universities. Columbia University is personally my favourite as they have a dedicated institute to “Value Investing”. Again, I am with you on the perceived prestige associated with an Ivy league stamp and can’t undertand how Arizona State is ranked higher than Cornell. Einhorn studied at Cornell. From my perspective, I agree that my own ideas would be better nutured in the US than in the UK.

Mate, highly recommend reading the two books, it has changed my outlook to my career and has helped me establish a contrarian and curious approach to the markets.


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Some very interesting points Einhorn. Your posts make good, relevant reading.



Thank you so much!!! I believe that I have an innate contrarian and currious cognitive function and it helps me at times but at the same time it puts me at a serious disadvantage as well. The apparent asymmetric information regarding what the industry is perceived to be and actually is, shocks me.