ACA with only 280 UCAS but a 1st

Baker Tilly

Ok, so when I was young I didnt really work too hard at college and only got 280 UCAS points. But then I went to Uni and realised I needed to work hard, so I did, and I got a 1st. Now it turns out that because I didnt put in the effort at A levels and only managed 280 points, I now can’t apply to most firms to get on their graduate schemes even though I proved I can work hard at Uni.

Anyone know anywhere with grad schemes to get an ACA qualification that accept people with only 280 UCAS points? I’m already applying to Baker Tilly and will have their assessment center coming up but would like to have some more options incase that goes wrong.



dont wory about it as long as you can demonstrate that you have learned from your college mistake, which you can back up with talking about getting your first. I know i few people who didnt go to red brick universities and have had interviews at top 10 firms such as PWC, RSM Tenon and KPMG the latter give you the option to explain why you dont meet the ucas target (in that section just mention how you have learned from your mistakes and demonstrate how and what you changed in achieving your 1st). Also i think other firms will also be lenient hopefully.

Good Luck



PKF only require 280


cheers for the replies, I managed to find a few firms that accept 280 points and now have an assessment center with baker tilly to look forward to and an interview for crowe clarke whitehall :slight_smile: