I’m doing an internship at Deloitte, my rotations have been in ERS and tax. I don’t really like the idea of going for a job in ERS, as even if I do the ACA I could potentially close off any root into finance as I’m basically an IT guy. My other option is to go into tax and do the ATT and CTA. I’ve heard how ACA opens up all kinds of doors for you, but haven’t heard anything similar for ATT/CTA. Would it be a better option for me to attempt to gain a place in audit and do the ACA?


If you did ERS and then could do some time in Audit afterwards then it would be ok, but if you only did ERS then your experience is a bit limited

The problem with CTA is that it focuses on taxation issues so is not as broad as ACA - quite a lot of people do ACA then do CTA afterwards

You might have more options if you went straight into Audit