Hi, Im new to this site. Im applying for an ACA graduate trainee position. I just want to know about the difference of ACA and ACCA. My main areas of concern are as follows:

  1. why would I prefer the ACA to ACCA

  2. what would I be doing as part of the ACA

  3. what is involved in the ACA

  4. what does having ACA mean for my career

For 1), all I could think of is that ACA is more popular in the UK, and that 67% of finance director / ceo in the FTSE 100 have ACA - 4 times more than any single 1 qualification, altho, ACCA is ‘more internationally recognised’. Still I dont think I have answered the question perfectly.

For 2) and 3), I know there’s 15 exams over 3 years with 2 parts in ACA. The 1st is about theory and ethics, while the 2nd is about case study and application. The ACA requires work experience at an accountancy firm whereas the ACCA doesn’t, and one can study it to be in a firm’s financial department.

For 4), this is the one Im really struggling. I know that financial rewards would be greater, and that more doors / opportunities would be available once Im qualified, etc. But what else / more could I say apart from them, as those points dont seem to be impressive enough?

I do hope this site could provide some insights for me to tackle these questions in an interview with relative ease. Ta in advance.

p.s. I have checked out the ICAEW website, but still struggled, so maybe if people can point where in the website to look at, I would eqaully be grateful.


As a starting point, this thread could be helpful - [[What’s the difference between ACA and ACCA?]] …and also our articles on [[ACA]] and [[ACCA]].