ACA qualification - accepted in other European countries?


Hi everyone,

I’m currently in the process of trying to secure a graduate role with an accounting firm, which will include completing the ACA qualification. I’m originally from Germany and don’t want to exclude the possibility of moving back and working there one day in the distant future. However, I can’t find any clear information on whether the ACA is recognized and acceptable to work there as an auditor.
It seems that the German Wirtschaftspruefer exams can be accepted to work in the UK, but does anyone know how the ACA is accepted in Germany?
Also, would it be easier if you were to transfer internally (say, PwC UK to PwC Germany), surely they would accept your qualifications and allow you to take on the same role without retaking the German exams?

If anyone has any info on this, that would be great. I do still need to secure that graduate job first anyways :slight_smile: Thanks!


Just stumbled upon your post from a few years back and find myself in exactly the same situation, albeit I already have an offer from pwc to gain my aca qualification in audit. I definitely don’t want to rule out working in Germany (specifically Munich) upon qualification. Any thoughts which may have developed in the last two years??