good day people,

have recently been accepted in one of the Big 4 in Singapore.

ICAEW is offering the ACA Program here. The firm I am working for has registered as an approved training organization. I’m very keen to sign up for it.

However, that exact same Big 4 firm I feel “indirectly” does not support the ACA (ICAEW) Program. They do not allow for study-leave and sponsorship of fees.

They do allow those benefits however for the ACCA Program here.

Whats weird is that a significant majority of their partners/directors are ACA (ICAEW) qualified.

Am confused as to implications of such a policy set by a Big 4 firm.

Kindly advise. Thanks.


Seems like a very strange policy - I would personally want to follow it up with the said firm’s HR department to establish exactly what the implications are.

From personal experience of doing ACA in the UK with my firm allowing adequate study leave (i.e. time in college) and paying for all college and exam fees for first attempts I would probably advise that without such support studying for the qualification is going to be 1) very demanding of your personal time; and 2) expensive!

Like i say - the best approach would be to clarify exactly what the position is, and the cost to you in terms of time/money - then determine whether that is a price you would personally be happy to pay for your qualification.