ACA or ACCA alongside my Economics degree?



Hi guys ,

So I basically need help to decide if I want to begin an ACA or ACCA qualification whilst doing my second year of Economics. I understand the added workload may make it difficult to concentrate on my degree, however, I have not taken the decision lightly and I am confident I can handle it.

I registered for ACCA last week and I am waiting for them to check my certificates. But I’m beginning to thing I might have made a mistake. I’ve trawlled through many sites reading up on people’s opinions on ACA vs ACCA; it all differs so much. I’m hoping someone can help me to make the right decision for me.

I want to get into investment banking in the future. I understand ACA holds more prestige and ACCA is considered easier of the two.
When I made the decision to do the later, it was under the basis that they both are essentially the same. Just the fact of the titles being different. But upon further research I’ve come the believe I may be incorrect and it seems it may be more then that. I’m in my second year of economics. So I know I won’t complete my ACA/ACCA course by the time I graduate. I’m hoping the fact I have shown the initiative to begin the course may be beneficial when looking for jobs. I’m also applying for summer and Easter Internships.

Thanks in advance for your replies and help guys